Tatiana & TJ Justice

101 Sex Positions to Try Today

Meet The Worm. TJ:What was that position called?

 Tatiana:Check the mail. Oh shit, I think we did it wrong. 

TJ: Shit.

 Tatiana: What did we do?

 TJ: I forget. 

Tatiana: Wait, no we did it…just a slight variation. I wasn't lying down like that, I was more on my knees,......

Doing It: The Big Dipper Sex Position

Meet the Big Dipper. TJ: Ugh. Why? Tatiana: I don't know. There is so much planning involved for this one. The picture shows an ottoman, and you have to space it far enough away from the couch... TJ: Note: a coffee table will let you not-enjoy this position just as......

Doing It: The Face Off Sex Position

Meet the Face Off. TJ: Your legs were too long for this one. Tatiana: Aww. That's sweet. TJ: It is? Tatiana: And as we learned from previous sessions, my hamstrings are too tight. TJ: Tight isn't always a good thing. Tatiana: Where's that rimshot iPhone app? TJ: Oh yeah. I......

Doing It #3

Kneeling Reverse Amazon. TJ: "What'd you think about it?" Tatiana: "I didn't like it." "I thought it was awesome." : "What? Why? I had my back to you, I couldn't see anything, it was so boring." "Well yeah, but your huge boobs were on my feet. That is hot." : "That's......

Doing It #2

Meet the Armchair. We tried it. TJ: Yeah, it was pretty fun. Tatiana: What do you mean? We didn't even do it really. We tried, but... TJ: No, it was good…once we got into it. Tatiana: That wasn't even the right position. The armchair was bullshit. TJ: What the hell......

Doing It

Bridge. Tatiana: When I looked at the picture, I thought it was going to be really difficult.  And I have a wrist injury from a snowmobiling accident in Wyoming, so that was a concern. TJ: I thought it looked like docking a ship into a space station. Tatiana: Space docking......
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