Meet The Worm.

TJ:What was that position called?

Tatiana:Check the mail. [Opens assignment email and clicks link.] Oh shit, I think we did it wrong.

TJ: Shit.

Tatiana: What did we do?

TJ: I forget.

Tatiana: Wait, no we did it…just a slight variation. I wasn't lying down like that, I was more on my knees, I guess?

TJ: And my legs weren't wide open like that Sims guy.

Tatiana: Lie down, let's do it the right way real quick.

TJ: OK. [Lies down, removes pants.]

Tatiana: What? No, I don't want to DO it, do it.

TJ: What?!

Tatiana: I just want to see what this position is really like.

TJ: That's not how this works! We HAVE to do it do it.

Tatiana: We did do it do it, we just did it did it wrong.

TJ: I have never known you to turn down doing it. What happened?

Tatiana: My shoulder hurts. Man, I'm always talking about my wrists or my shoulders hurting in these sex position pieces.

TJ: But we didn't do the position so we can't really review it.

Tatiana: But the piece is still funny.

TJ: OK, well we did do something similar. It was fun, and then it turned into doggy style.

Tatiana: Maybe I can find a position in here that's similar to what we did and say it's a review for that.

TJ: We pretty much did the position.

Tatiana: Not really, it feels totally different for me with my legs straight out. You just lie down. Lazy ass.

TJ: But then it went into doggy style!

Tatiana: Why didn't we stay in that position?

TJ: It wouldn't go all the way in. There was too much unused shaft.

Tatiana: Maybe my vagina's just set too high.

TJ: Your vagina is perfect. Oh and remember, we had just gotten out of the shower so we were kind of sticky.

Tatiana: Sticky?

TJ: I don't know like, grippy.

Tatiana: Do you mean clean?

TJ: But that post-shower soapy dryness was goin' on.

Tatiana: That's a lame excuse for not being able to do the position.

TJ: Uh, yeah.

Tatiana: Somehow we both managed to have soap left on our hoo-hoos.

TJ: Mine is not a hoo-hoo. It is a what-what.

Tatiana: Don't make me start singing that song.

TJ: Knowing that that Sims couple is still going at it in one of my Firefox tabs is pretty awesome.

Tatiana: OK fine let's do it.

TJ: Yay.

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