Meet the Big Dipper.

TJ: Ugh. Why?

Tatiana: I don't know. There is so much planning involved for this one. The picture shows an ottoman, and you have to space it far enough away from the couch…

TJ: Note: a coffee table will let you not-enjoy this position just as much as an ottoman.

Tatiana: Did that hurt your feet?

TJ: No…not in the seven seconds we were in that position. It probably would have. But doing dips on a springy couch…my wrist hurts.

Tatiana: Shouldn't your triceps hurt?

TJ: No, my triceps are like…adamantium.  Feel that.

Tatiana:  I'm sorry about your wrists, but I'm glad I'm not the only one with sore wrists after one of these positions now.

There's a lot of fuss with this one. Make sure the coffee table is in place. Wait, move it further.  OK, you're too high, move lower….now put me back in you.

TJ: Well at least this position kinda introduced us to a funner position.

Tatiana:  Kinda like a wing-position.

TJ: Nice one.  But the Big Dipper only took up about 5 percent of our total sex time.

Tatiana: Yup. We've spent 120 times the number of seconds writing this review than we spent in the actual position.

TJ:  Approximately.

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