Meet the Face Off.

TJ: Your legs were too long for this one.

Tatiana: Aww. That's sweet.

TJ: It is?

Tatiana: And as we learned from previous sessions, my hamstrings are too tight.

TJ: Tight isn't always a good thing.

Tatiana: Where's that rimshot iPhone app?

TJ: Oh yeah. I should leave that open all the time.

Tatiana: We tried the position…

TJ: The animation looks hot. I was excited. He's really goin' for it.

Tatiana: We just couldn't make it work.

TJ: Why not?

Tatiana: I don't know. Look – I can't reach you if you can reach me. *Gets in position*

TJ: Ok…bend your knees?

Tatiana: Oh. But then can you reach me?

TJ: Sure.

Tatiana: Oh. Fuck. Let's try it again.

TJ: Awesome.

Tatiana – We should be writing this down!

TJ: Let's go wash up first.

Tatiana – Wait. Don't write that part.

*3 hours later*

Tatiana – Yeah, right.

TJ: OK so we tried it again, and we believe that “Normal 69” is easier.

Tatiana: What is the fucking point of the other one? *Eats sandwich Toby made*

TJ: To make you not feel flexible? Can I have some bites of the fucking sandwich I made for myself?

Tatiana: Well you handed it to me.

TJ: So I could type!

Tatiana: OK so we wound up doing regular 69 on the floor, and then some other things happened.

TJ: Anal.

Tatiana: No. But this is a good way to get to other fun stuff.

TJ: Because then you remember, “Oh yeah, Normal 69 is awesome!”

Tatiana: Exactly.

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