Kneeling Reverse Amazon.

TJ: “What'd you think about it?”

Tatiana: “I didn't like it.”

“I thought it was awesome.”

: “What? Why? I had my back to you, I couldn't see anything, it was so boring.”

“Well yeah, but your huge boobs were on my feet. That is hot.”

: “That's weird.”


: “What do boobs on feet do for you? And you know how I feel about the word boobs.”

“Just feet on boobs, hands on ass. All my limbs were doing something hot. The way the guy in the animation's doing it, he's holding his own legs. Why would you waste the opportunity to grab ass? I don't wanna grab my own legs.”

: “Also that position ended with some serious hurt.”

“Just at the end?”

: “You slammed it. I screamed and jumped off.”


: “There are just no obstacles from keeping it from going in super deep.”

Toby: “Obstacles?”

: “Well yeah, like…what's the word?”


: “No. You know, like, no thighs in the way.”


: “The description says it was really hard for the girl, but I don't think it was.”

“I was kinda helping push your boobs up with my feet.”

: “Can you stop saying boobs?”


: “Ugh.”


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Salvatore Vuono.

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