Tatiana: When I looked at the picture, I thought it was going to be really difficult.  And I have a wrist injury from a snowmobiling accident in Wyoming, so that was a concern.

TJ: I thought it looked like docking a ship into a space station.

Tatiana: Space docking is a whole 'nother thing we do not want to talk about.

I guess every position, at the core, is a little like docking a ship into a space station.

Again.  We're not going to talk about space docking.  But…in case you're easily offended, you should click here to learn more. You're welcome!

In any case.  If I didn't have this injury, it might've lasted longer… but it was fun.  It was a deep penetration, but I didn't like that my tits were bouncing all over the place.

NOTE: Tatiana's tits are especially huge.

TJ: That was the best part!  Except for the pretending that I was a spaceship.  But I loved the tits bouncing.  And while she was holding herself up, my hands were just free to do grab everything.

Tatiana:  I started to lose my perfect yoga posture after a minute or two.  But it felt good, so we kept at it.

TJ: It is definitely a squirt-inducing position, if your lady comes pre-loaded with that feature.

Tatiana:  I normally can't see what's going on when we're having sex, but I like that…even though it only lasts as long as you can hold yourself up. I certainly enjoyed the view.

TJ: In summation, we liked it, but we couldn't stay in formation for long enough. We could only do it for a minute, but that's the perfect length of time for some people!

Tatiana:  Like who?

TJ: I don't know, minute-men. 

Tatiana: That's not what minutemen are.

TJ: Well, I mean the ones Missy Elliot refers to.

Tatiana:  Anyway…it's not a comfortable position, but it makes you feel like you're working towards something.  You're putting effort into this fucking session.

TJ: Puns are hot.  And I agree, it's not as comfortable as lying down.  Lying down is pretty comfortable.  But it wasn't so bad for me.  Kinda like a sex swing that could only support you for minute, and then slowly came out of the ceiling.

Tatiana:  Just so everybody's clear, those can support 350 pounds.

TJ: In summation again… it was all right.

Tatiana: But I'm not gonna go outta my way to do it.

TJ: I'm not gonna do it.  Ever. 

Tatiana:  So should we rate this… 2.5 out of 5?

TJ: Well, it's squirt inducing.  So… 3.

Tatiana:  Deal.


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