Ruth McCormack

"Extra cheese and a blowjob

Bronx Eatery Offers Side of Prostitution With Their Pizza

"Do you want an orgasm with that?" Not exactly what you would expect to hear from your waitress while you're trying to order a slice of roasted vegetable pizza, extra cheese and hold the olives. Yet that is pretty much exactly what an Italian eatery in New York is offering......
You can't tell

Artist Turns Insect Penises Into Modern Art

It's official. Art truly can come from anywhere -- even sources you never thought existed. Maria Fernanda Cardoso, an Australian artist based in Sydney, has somehow managed to create an art exhibition out of insect genitalia. The fact that insects even have penises and vaginas is thought provoking enough, but......
Too crowded for coitus?

Hong Kong Residents Don't Have Enough Sex, Officials Say

Apparently, people in Hong Kong are keeping their bits to themselves these days. Sex experts are advising the population of the city to increase their private time because, going by recent studies, no one is getting any. A survey done by City University's Community College shows that couples in the......
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