In case some of you weren't aware, there's some sort of sporting event going on in London and word on the worldwide street is that it's a pretty big deal.

It's that time every four years when some of the fittest and most talented men and women in the world congregate in one city to compete for gold and glory. I don't know about you, but I get so invested in the Olympics that my nearest and dearest fear for my sanity. When the U.S. ladies gymnastics team blasted the competition out of the water (not literally, that would be diving), it took all of my self-restraint not to shed a tear of pride. And I'm not even American.

And Olympic athletes are a pretty attractive bunch. It is physically impossible to train that many hours and not have a completely banging body, and the male swim teams and ladies volleyball groups are particularly easy on the eyes. This leads to the inevitable assumption that the Olympic Athletes Village must be rife with hook ups and casual flings. It turns out this is probably true. Imagine that!

Competition never looked so good.

Competition never looked so good.

In the spirit of all the sex, the world's largest dating site, Match.com, has released a new international survey showcasing the dating and hook-up trends in six of the most prominent countries currently competing in the Olympics: the U.S, the UK France, Australia, Japan and Canada.

The survey covers a broad range of topics and features an infographic to show who won the gold, silver and bronze medals in each category. Some of the more interesting findings are below:

With regards to kissing and telling, it was discovered that singles in the U.S are most likely to share their dating details with their friends. A staggering 92 percent of those questioned said they would tell their friends about their hook ups. This is in stark contrast to the French — 35 percent said they would prefer to keep their love lives private. Spoilsports.

The gold medal for loyalty goes to.. everyone

The gold medal for loyalty goes to.. everyone

With regards to who thought which countries had the hottest singles, it turns out that everyone is fiercely loyal to his or her own. Every country unanimously decided that their motherland was home to the best looking people around. How sweet!

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