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Best Tattooed OnlyFans LAWThe naked female form is widely considered a work of true art, but when that form also becomes the canvas, that art elevates and transforms into something truly erotic. Today, we’re bringing you some of the most salacious tattooed Onlyfans from across the globe. These ladies love their ink, and they’re going to put on a show for you that’s more than just a playful tease – these gals are going to get downright dirty.

We didn’t just find you any inked babe and call it a day – we sought out the best tattooed Onlyfans we could find. These ladies aren’t merely a sight for sore eyes. They put on a wild show, they’re interactive, they’re consistent. They are out earning their shot in the spotlight every minute, and you’re in for a seriously great time by checking them out. Enjoy the best tattooed Onlyfans of 2024!


Best Tattooed OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best Tattooed OnlyFans Models Accounts


Best 10 Tattooed OnlyFans

#1. Princess Jay – Best Creampies

@jaylynn LAW


  • Over 327,000 Likes
  • Over 750 Videos
  • Over 3,100 Photos

Where to Follow:

About Princess Jay:

Jay is a tattooed knockout who is going to take your breath away. With her tall, slender frame, and her bountiful bust, coupled with a seriously amazing amount of tattoos adorning her perfect body, you’re not going to be able to remember your name once you’ve succumbed to her naughty world. It’s a good problem to have.

Princess Jay is easily one of the best tattooed Onlyfans accounts on the internet. She posts daily, and all her content is uncensored and wild. She loves sexting, and ensures she always has time to message everyone back. Her page is entirely run all by herself, and you’re going to get a huge amount of erotic fun once you join. There’s no reason to be shy, Princess Jay is excited to find out what drives you wild.

#2. Cristina – Most Intimate Tattoos

@tattooedkayleigh LAW


  • Over 11,000 Likes
  • More Than 50 Videos
  • Over 140 Photos

Where to Follow:

About Cristina:

Cristina is a 22-year-old dreamboat from Romania, and she’s got a hefty amount of naughty ideas she wants to bring to life while the world watches. This black-haired pixie cut knockout introduces herself as a fallen angel with black wings and lingerie, and she’s going to do her best to earn that title through sheer debauchery.

This tattooed Onlyfans star loves to chat with her fans, and this is the only place you can do it. Whether you love small talk, or long steamy sexting sessions, Cristina wants to hear from you. If you have requests or want custom content, it never hurts to ask politely. Cristina even offers a multiple-month subscription discount to help ease the pressure off your wallet. Be sure to check her out!

#3. Santana_7 – Best Lingerie

@tattooedguy6 LAW


  • Over 8,400 Likes
  • Nearly 400 Photos
  • Subscription Bundles

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About Satana_7:

Alexandra is a 22-year-old Romanian goth babe who has tattoos over every salacious curve on her body. Satana_7 (Alexandra’s screen name) is highly active, and ensures she pops in daily to post something enticing for her fans, as well as to answer messages. If you have a request, or you want to order some custom content from her, it can’t hurt to ask politely! Alexandra is eager to hear from you.

This tattooed Only fans loves posting sexy photos in lingerie, but she’s also got no problems showing off her petite body fully nude. If you have a thing for foot fetish content, Satana_7 is more than happy to help you out. Most of her work is solo, but when she does play with a partner, it’s always a wild ride. Be sure to catch Satana_7 today!

#4. Tattooed Slave Chris – Your New Submissive Obsession

@lovelychrisfree LAW



  • Over 25,000 Likes
  • Nearly 200 Videos
  • Over 450 Photos

Where to Follow:

About the Tattooed Slave Chris:

Tattooed Slave Chris has a submissive side that you’re going to become obsessed with. Her moniker “tattooed slave,” should have given you an idea, but in case it wasn’t clear enough, her VIP account proudly proclaims herself as your jizz bucket. Chris is insatiable and wants to be used like the sexy toy she is.

She’s also a tattoo Onlyfans marvel; this 20-year-old European delight has them everywhere, and the only way to count how many is to see her in as many positions as possible. Lucky for the world, she loves to be railed in any way her partner prefers. You’ll love discovering this lusty lady, so be sure to dive in. Her free account is the best place to start, and doesn’t cost a thing to subscribe.

#5. Tattooed Girl Next Door – Hottest Shibari Enthusiast

@pipuh LAW


  • Over 35,000 Likes
  • 250 Videos and Counting
  • Over 1,700 Photos

Where to Follow:

About the Tattooed Girl Next Door:

The Tattooed Girl Next Door, or Pipuh as she’s affectionately known, has over half her body covered in colorful tattoos, and she’s got a lot more planned. They snake around her legs, up her torso, over her perky tits, and around to her back. She’s a true colorful canvas, and always planning her next ones. That’s why she calls herself your favorite tattooed pocket rocket.

Pipuh is among the best tattooed Onlyfans stars for her ink, but that’s not the whole story. If you send her tips, she talks dirty to you (but she’ll chat clean for free). She has a pervy plethora of XXX videos on the page, and if you want even more, she has a list of PPV she’ll happily send over if you ask. She loves custom content, dick and pussy rates, and has an excellent booty. She’s a BDSM and shibari enthusiast, who plays with guys and girls. This alluring Australian is ready to meet you, and show you a truly carnal time.

#6. Tattooed Doll – Sexiest MILF

@tattooedollz LAW


  • Over 1,400 Likes
  • 100 Videos and Counting
  • Over 450 Photos

Where to Follow:

About the Tattooed Doll:

The Tattooed Doll is a blue-eyed, blonde haired bombshell. She has a slender, fit frame with lithe limbs and a lovely set of tits. Her inked curves are delectable. This pierced MILF calls herself wild, and you’re going to be inclined to agree with her, once you see her in action.

When you want amazing tattooed Onlyfans content, this doll has you covered. Her content includes sex, blowjobs, anal, toys, squirting, and more. In fact, she invites you to choose her content. If you have something you want to see, be sure to tell her. She might just help you out with that. On top of that, she offers long-term subscription discounts, so you can give your wallet a break.

#7. Siege the Tattooed Waifu – Best All Natural Tits

@undersiegexo LAW


  • Over 155,000 Likes
  • Over 250 Videos
  • Over 1,300 Photos

Where to Follow:

About Siege the Tattooed Waifu:

Siege is a baby-faced tattooed blonde with a petite little frame, and huge, all-natural tits (though that’s subject to change soon enough). Siege wants to put a huge smile on your face, and her best strategy to do that is by being the dirtiest waifu around! While Siege may not be the most heavily tattooed Only fans provider on the list, she certainly brings passion, energy, and an eroticism to her content that few can match.

Siege provides nudes on her feed, and free content for her rebill squad throughout the month. She provides XXX solo content, girl on girl, and she’s open to all your fetish requests. Siege loves to cosplay, and you’ll want to see her in action when she does. She provides rare custom content, but to find out what that means, you’ll need to ask her privately. We’ll keep it a secret. It’s more fun that way for everyone.

#8. Tattooed – Most Enigmatic Eroticist

@tattooedkhaosss LAW


  • Over 4,100 Likes
  • Subscription Bundles
  • Over 150 Posts

Where to Follow:

About Tattooed:

Tattooed is the username for one of the steamiest tattoo Onlyfans content creators on the net. She may be an enigma, but hopefully we can shed some light on this mysterious marvel. With a URL that reads like Tattooed Chaos, that’s more in line with what you’ll get when you subscribe to her salacious page. T is a slender model with a bountiful bust, sharp and sexy angled features, and darkly colored yet vibrant hair that cascades over her shoulders like a sensual embrace.

T is just getting started in the Onlyfans game, but her content proves she’s a rising star. When you check her out, encourage her further, and be sure to let her know what you love to see. You can take advantage of her multiple month subscription discounts, to ease the pain on your wallet, and enjoy this tattooed temptress’ naughty pleasures.

#9. Tattoo Sweetheart – Most Captivating Model

@tattoosweetheart LAW


  • Over 36,000 Likes
  • Subscription Bundles
  • Over 130 Photos

Where to Follow:

About the Tattoo Sweetheart:

The Tattoo Sweetheart is one of the more classic style models, at least at first glance. She’s got long and lithe limbs, which she splays expertly across the frame, and showcases the true art that is her perfectly inked female form. She’s got some huge tits, which are also rather easy on the eyes, and an expression that shows she’s just yearning for more.

Among the best tattooed Onlyfans creators worldwide, Sweetheart uses her account to show you the modeling side of her that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s steamy, and fans have been responding in droves. Despite being a relatively new account, all things considered, she’s skyrocketing in popularity, so you know you want to check her out and see what everyone’s fussing over.

#10. Tattooed Barbie – Best Free Account

@tattooedbarbie86 LAW


  • Over 29,000 Likes
  • Over 500 Videos
  • 5,200 Photos and Counting

Where to Follow:

About the Tattooed Barbie:

The Tattooed Barbie raises the bar for all tattooed Onlyfans creators, with her alluring dances, her stunningly inked body, and her sheer lust for provocative pleasures. She calls herself a tatted up slut looking for fun, and she’s happy to provide a lot of it. Plus, you can follow her for free, which is insane.

If you want a dick rate, you’ll have to tip first. Speaking of, Tattooed Barbie loves to reward tips, so if you want her to spoil you, you know what you need to do. If you want to enjoy more personalized fun, send her a DM, and ask what other services she offers. You’ll love what she has to say for you.

Your Tattoo Onlyfans FAQ’s

Who are the best Tattoo Onlyfans models today?

The best tattooed Onlyfans stars today are all featured in this article. To learn more about them, check out our write-ups above, or visit their page and subscribe! You’ll want to check out Princess Jay, known for her amazing creampies, or Cristina, who’s tattooed in the most intimate places, which you need to see to believe. Santana_7 dresses in the most fun lingerie, while the Tattooed Slave Cris is going to be your newest submission obsession. If you’re into some hot shibari action, check out the Tattooed Girl Next Door.

We didn’t stop there! You’ll also enjoy the Tattooed Doll, a steamy MILF with a dirty mind. Check out Siege the tattooed waifu, who has the best tits on the list, or the artist simply known as Tattooed, whose as sexy as she is enigmatic. Tattoo Sweetheart is the most captivating babe we feature, and finally, you’ll swoon over the free account belonging to Tattooed Barbie. All these ladies are amazing, and you won’t want to miss a single one!

What do the top Tattoo Onlyfans creators earn?

Get ready for some eye-popping figures! Those who sit in the exalted 1% of Onlyfans creators typically rake in a breathtaking $10,000 or more each month. While these figures are approximations, they provide a peek into the lucrative potential of the platform. Notably, celebrities have been known to amass fortunes in the millions, particularly during their initial launch on Onlyfans.

Moving down the earnings scale, the top 10% of Onlyfans creators are far from struggling. They’re pocketing several thousands on a monthly basis, which can sustain a comfortable living in many areas. For the typical Onlyfans creator, the monthly revenue likely ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

How do I grow my own Onlyfans Tattoo account?

If you’re keen on amplifying your footprint on Onlyfans, mastering the fundamentals is vital. Start with a critical evaluation of your profile and cover photos. Do they incite intrigue among your prospective audience? Your profile narrative should be warm and welcoming, offering a snapshot of your personality and hinting at the nature of content you’re set to deliver.

Maintaining a consistent brand identity across various social media platforms is equally essential. Make sure all your social accounts are linked, providing your followers with the confidence that they’re engaging with a real person, not a hoax or an automated program. Now, onto Reddit. This platform teems with potential supporters. Pinpoint subreddits where content similar to yours garners attention. The majority of these online communities welcome Onlyfans creators to display their talent, so don’t hesitate to put yourself in the spotlight!



These lovely ladies sure know how to have a good time. Whether you like your seduction to be slow and sensual, or you’re more of a carnal kinkster looking to get freaky, these tattooed temptresses are adept and eager to help you out. From colorful curves to intricate art on every sexy inch, there’s so much to take in and enjoy with every one of these alluring angels.

Take some time, and really dive into the talented gals featured here today. While you’re doing that, we’re going to scour the internet and continue searching more amazing babes. After all, there’s plenty of spotlight to go around! You’ll have to check back again to see who and what we feature next, but until then, the best tattooed Onlyfans of 2024 are awaiting you.


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