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The only thing better than an amazing woman putting on a spicy show is two (or more) getting together to put on a spicy show. After all, the more the merrier, and with that in mind we’ve decided to bring you our favorite Onlyfans lesbians for you to thoroughly enjoy. When you want some wonderful girl on girl content, you’re best off to go with an expert in the field. You will want to discover the best lesbian Onlyfans creators from around the globe.

We have got you covered. The best lesbian creators are beautiful, have a creative and filthy mind, and are totally insatiable. Their lust and penchant for trying something new means that their posts are always an exciting time, and these ladies love to interact with their fans in fun and interesting ways. We know you’re going to love these ladies (we certainly do), so here are the best lesbian Onlyfans accounts of 2023:

Best Lesbian OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best Lesbian OnlyFans Models Accounts of 2023

  1. Lesbian Realness – The Ultimate Interactive Tease
  2. Audrey and Sadie – Hottest Anal Content
  3. Lesbian Couple (Blake and Bambi) – Best Live Sex Shows
  4. Cheerleader Kait – Sexiest Bi Babe
  5. Sally XMD – Best Domme Squirter
  6. KA – Sexiest Inked Babe
  7. Dorothy Black (AKA Dora Meszaros) – Best Professional Pussy Eater
  8. Alice Exodia – Your Small Titty Goth Girl
  9. Goddess Lynn – Loveliest Luxury Lesbian
  10. Arielle Scarcella – Most Raw & Real Lesbian

Best 10 Lesbian OnlyFans Models

#1. Lesbian Realness – The Ultimate Interactive Tease



  • Over 16,000 Likes
  • Subscription Discounts
  • Nearly 1,000 Posts


Where to Follow:


About Lesbian Realness:

There’s one thing about Lesbian Realness that makes them as popular as ever: tipping makes them very interactive in the sauciest of ways. These hot real-life lesbians are giving you full access to their relationship: any questions you’ve always wanted to ask, whether you’ve wanted to sit back and simply watch, they’re here to make you hot under the collar and hard in your trousers. They’re the ultimate tease!

Lesbian Realness posts daily, and are always happy to chat with their fans. They accept special requests, and often send naughty little gifts and videos directly to your DMs. They provide sexting sessions and dick rates, and host fun games for their fans. And of course, there’s plenty of girl on girl action to enjoy!

#2. Audrey and Sadie – Hottest Anal Content



  • Over 800,000 Likes
  • More than 550 Videos
  • Over 5,400 Photos


Where to Follow:


About Audrey and Sadie:

Audrey and Sadie are as iconic a duo on Onlyfans as Batman and Robin in the comics, or like cookies and milk. They even get creamy together all the time, so that might be a truly solid comparison, actually. Audrey and Sadie, some of the best lesbian only fans around, are always happy to chat with their fans, and they have a wide array of content they like to post.

You can expect anal, lesbian sex, scissoring, some guy on girl, which includes double or even triple blowjobs, double penetration, JOI, cum kissing, toys, foursomes, ass eating, squirting, and a whole lot more. These Australian angels are always up to something downright filthy, so you’re going to feel right at home in their world.

#3. Lesbian Couple (Blake and Bambi) – Best Live Sex Shows



  • Over 64,000 Likes
  • Live Shows
  • 900 Posts and Rising


Where to Follow:


About the Lesbian Couple (Blake and Bambi):

Blake and Bambi met at a strip club, fell in love, and decided to make hot lesbian porn on Onlyfans. It’s the classic fairy tale of the ages. This Onlyfans lesbian couple is adorable, but their content is very spicy, very real, and a whole lot of fun. They host live shows weekly where you can watch them have sex, and they post daily so you always have a reason to smile.

Blake and Bambi provide a lot of fun with toys, strap-ons, and all the pussy eating you could ever dream of. They love self-deprecating humor, delicious pussy-eating close ups, trying out as many positions as they can contort into, and showing off their sexy little asses. Check out Blake and Bambi – you won’t leave disappointed!


#4. Cheerleader Kait – Sexiest Bi Babe



  • Over 2 Million Likes
  • Nearly 500 Videos
  • Over 1,800 Photos


Where to Follow:


About Cheerleader Kait:

Cheerleader Kait is a wonderfully slutty bi cheerleader and fitness model. She’s managed to seduce most of her team to Onlyfans, and often loves to post with them all showing off their perfect naked bodies all together. With Cheerleader Kait, you can expect a lot of fun solo play, lesbian action, guy on girl, threesomes of all varieties, and more. A girl’s got to have fun somehow.

This lesbian only fans babe has a lot more in mind to bring to her fans, including a bunch of games, polls, and live streaming events. Kait is available to chat daily, and is always up for getting naughty. You can opt for a long-term subscription discount to save a bit in the long run, since you know you’re going to want to stick around.

#5. Sally XMD – Best Domme Squirter



  • Over 42,000 Likes
  • Over 350 Videos
  • Over 1,800 Photos


Where to Follow:


About Sally XMD:

Sally XMD describes herself as the #1 lesbian page, and she’s certainly producing enough varied content to make her case. She posts full-length promos, toy play, anal adventures, foot fetish fun, solo play, lesbian, and guy on girl. She loves squirting content, and is a true Domme, taking control of either guys or girls that enter her dirty domain.

It should come as no surprise that this only fans lesbian is taboo and fetish friendly. She often has multiple co-stars joining her in her content, and she uploads something fun every day. There’ll be no shortage of nudes, and she’s always up for creating hot custom content if you have requests. She’s a pro Domme, so if you want fetish services, you better be prepared to pay. Sally’s account is free, but she has a VIP account if you want to lose the pesky PPV attached to everything!

#6. KA – Sexiest Inked Babe



  • Over 31,000 Likes
  • 150 Videos and Rising
  • Over 450 Photos


Where to Follow:


About KA:

KA is one extremely sexy Spanish babe. She’s covered in ink from her head to her toes, which only accentuate her lovely curves, and her sultry Spanish bedroom eyes will keep you up all night long, in more ways than one. She mostly speaks Spanish, so you might need a translator, but she does post in English as well. Her lesbian onlyfan account is her private space, and she’s very excited to have you join her.

KA is available to sext pretty much whenever you are, and she loves to make content featuring her many delightful toys. She loves to rate dick and pussy, and she’s always down to make some spicy lesbian sex videos. If you have custom requests, she’s all ears. KA is one outstanding knockout, so be prepared to get addicted.

#7. Dorothy Black (AKA Dora Meszaros) – Best Professional Pussy Eater



  • Over 113,000 Likes
  • 1,100 Photos
  • Over 500 Videos


Where to Follow:


About Dorothy Black (AKA Dora Meszaros):

There’s a good chance that you watch lesbian porn, or you’re familiar with the Onlyfans lesbians landscape, that you’ve already heard of Dorothy Black, but she’s popular for a reason! Also known as Dora Meszaros, she’s a professional pussy eater who loves a wild sexting session. She’s been featured in Maxim, Hustler, Playboy, and many more. This experienced and professional model has been featured around the world by many of the major companies.

Once you join her page, she’ll send you a welcome video as a friendly hello. She posts new content every day, including solo play, toys, and lesbian content. You can opt for a long-term subscription discount, or you can get a taste of her content by popping into her free account. Either way, you’re going to lose your mind once Dorothy begins fooling around.

#8. Alice Exodia – Your Small Titty Goth Girl



  • Over 7,000 Likes
  • Subscription Discounts
  • Over 200 Posts


Where to Follow:


About Alice Exodia:

Alice Exodia is your small titty goth girlfriend from the French side of Canada. She’s been naughty, and quite liked it, so she’s continuing the trend, and showing you just how naughty she can really be. She points out that her wall is explicit, so you can expect to be hard right when you arrive.

Alice offers lesbian content and some orgasmic orgies, since she’s all about sharing and being a good friend like that. She’s among the wildest only fans lesbians in the business, enjoying fucking machines and kinky threesomes to keep you amused. If the mood strikes, she might even let a guy into the mix, just to keep things fresh. After all, variety is the spice of life.

#9. Goddess Lynn – Loveliest Luxury Lesbian



  • Over 128,000 Likes
  • Subscription Bundles
  • Over 1,700 Posts


Where to Follow:


About Goddess Lynn:

Goddess Lynn is a gorgeous, shapely luxury lesbian and financial dominatrix, meaning you’re going to like what she does, and you’re going to pay her for the privilege of liking what she does. This addictive little knockout loves to dress in sexy clothes and findom the life out of her willing submissives. It’s a win-win. They get Goddess Lynn’s attention, and she gets some cash.

If you want to follow Goddess Lynn, you should consider opting for a multiple-month subscription discount, since your wallet is about to get some serious exercise. Otherwise, be sure to behave, and enjoy the sexual wonders that Goddess Lynn introduces you to.

#10. Arielle Scarcella – Most Raw & Real Lesbian



  • Over 49,000 Likes
  • 100 Videos and Rising
  • Over 1,500 Photos


Where to Follow:


About Arielle Scarcella:

Arielle Scarcella raw, risqué, and real. When it comes to lesbians, Onlyfans has few as authentic as Arielle. She’s outspoken as a political critic on her Youtube page, so if you like to avoid politics in your porn, you might want to steer clear of that channel, but otherwise this beautiful brunette is going to put a smile on your face.

Arielle says it herself: who says lesbians have to be boring? This NYC / Floridian is beautifully inked, and comes at a bargain. You can see what she’s up to, and enjoy the show, for relatively cheap. Otherwise, Arielle loves to speak for herself, so you’ll just want to dive in and discover what she’s all about.  

Best lesbian Onlyfans FAQ’s

Who are the best lesbian Onlyfans stars today?

When you’re looking for the best lesbian content of 2023, Onlyfans is your best place to go. You should check out the amazing angels we’ve lined up to put on a great show for you. Check out Lesbian Realness, Audrey & Sadie, or the Lesbian Couple (Blake & Bambi). You’ll also love Cheerleader Kait and Sally XMD.

There’s a lot more girl on girl fun to be had. We’ve also brought you KA, Dorothy Black (AKA Dora Meszaros), and Alice Exodia. We round out our list with Goddess Lynn and Arielle Scarcella. All of these ladies are amazing, erotic, and always horny.

What do the top lesbian Onlyfans creators make?

We don’t know what the top lesbian Onlyfans creators make, because we don’t have reporting that is so specific. We do know that the top 1% of all Onlyfans creators are making some serious cash – we’re talking around $10,000 and upward each month.

The top 10% of Onlyfans creators are likely making thousands each month, and earning themselves a comfortable living. Before you turn on your webcam and start stripping down, keep in mind that most creators make a couple hundred, maybe a couple thousand monthly. It’s a lot of work to sit around naked and get off all day, but it sure has some big benefits.

Which of the best Onlyfans lesbian creators shouldn’t be missed?

If you’re looking to discover the best lesbian Onlyfans stars, then this list is a must-see from top to bottom. Check out Lesbian Realness for the ultimate interactive lesbian tease, or Audrey & Sadie for the hottest anal content in the biz. The Lesbian Couple (Bambi & Blake) put on the best live shows, while Cheerleader Kait is one amazing bisexual babe who plays with the whole cheerleading squad. Sally XMD is the best Domme squirter on the list.

You’ll also want to check out KA, who is one sexy inked babe. Dorothy Black (or Dora Meszaros) is the greatest professional pussy eater around, while Alice Exodia is your small titty goth girl who’ll put on a show. Goddess Lynn is the loveliest luxury lesbian, and Arielle Scarcella is the most raw and real lesbian on the list.

How do I grow my own lesbian Onlyfans account?

When you want your account to grow, you’ll want to start with the first thing people will see – your actual account. You should have sexy profile and cover photos, and a writeup that greets your fans, describes yourself, and lists the type of content you enjoy creating. This is mandatory – there’s no sense growing your account if people aren’t interested when they find it.

From there, you’ll want to market yourself. Build your brand across all the big social media platforms, and be sure that they all link to your Onlyfans in some way. You’ll want to post frequently on them all, so fans can see you are legit. You will also want to promote yourself on sites like Reddit, where fans are hungry for new, sexy content.

How will I be paid for my lesbian Onlyfans account?

When you have some money in your Onlyfans holding account, it’s easy to get at. Just go into your account, connect your personal bank account to it, and transfer it over. It’s truly simple. You can also set the site up to send you the money automatically every month. Once it sends the money, the banks will need three to five days to transfer it over, which can’t be helped.

Soon enough, you’ll have the money in your account. Remember, the government always wants their share, so you’ll want a portion set aside for taxes. Otherwise, you’ve worked hard, shaken your thang, and deserve to treat yourself. Go ahead, you earned it.

What mistakes can I avoid while running my lesbian Onlyfans account?

Most creators make the mistake of not posting consistently. Remember, fans are there because they’re hungry for your erotic content, and the more you can give them, the happier they’ll get. Happier fans spend more, and are likely to recommend you to others.

Another big mistake creators don’t think about is how they’ll market themselves. You’ll want to have a brand across all the social media platforms, as well as self-promote on sites like Reddit. There’s lots of subreddits that you can do this in, but you’ll have to do some research to find them. You should also consider collaborating with other sexy creators looking to grow!


These lesbian Onlyfans bombshells are some of the best from around the globe. We hope you loved discovering these babes as much as we did. It was hard to parse through the amazing competition that Onlyfans provides for our adult entertainers, but we remain committed to finding you top quality content to enjoy. Was there anyone we left off the list? Who did you discover that you now can’t get enough of?

While you take your time to acquaint yourself with these amazing ladies, we’re going to continue to scour the internet from the top to the bottom in order to bring you even more licentious lesbians in the future. Whether you love to be teased until you can’t take it anymore, or want to dive into some hardcore action, there’s a lot to appreciate across the board with these bawdy babes. You enjoy yourself, and we’ll be back soon with even more amazing angels and Onlyfans lesbians for you to get off to!


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