“Hallyu! The Korean Wave” at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston showcases the dynamic evolution of South Korean culture, highlighting K-pop, K-dramas, K-beauty, and more. The exhibition covers South Korea’s history from its tumultuous 20th century to its rise as a global cultural powerhouse. The show features an eclectic mix of items, including beauty packaging, music props, and fashion, celebrating both traditional and contemporary Korean art. However, its broad scope sometimes results in a disjointed narrative, missing deeper engagement with Korea’s complex societal issues.

PAPER Magazine coverage notes that “this exhibition is a celebration! South Korea as a global economic and cultural power! South Korea as the last bastion of girl groups and boy bands! South Korea as a shorthand for glamor and quality and excitement! But in its eagerness to tackle every aspect of South Korea’s boom, we’re left with both too much and too little: an exhaustive and exhausting survey of the country’s off-the-charts creativity that’s still riddled with cracks in its creamy, skincare-addicted facade.”

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