Canadian musician Casey MQ delves into his latest album, “Later That Day, the Day Before, or the Day Before That,” which reflects on themes of memory and childhood. Inspired by Marcel Proust’s “In Search of Lost Time,” the album marks a shift from his earlier electronic and hyperpop sound to a more intimate focus on piano and vocals. Casey MQ explores the fluidity of memory and the nuances of forgetting, aiming to create a soundscape that is both haunting and comforting, evoking introspection and nostalgia.

In an interview with PAPER Magazine, he explains that the album is a deeply personal project, capturing fleeting moments and the emotions tied to them. His intention is to connect with listeners on a profound level, encouraging them to reflect on their own memories and experiences.

“I wanted to make an album that looked at all the different ways we interact with memory itself, and remembering, and, more importantly, forgetting — where it goes and where it disappears to is as important as the memory itself,” Casey MQ tells PAPER.

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