The Best Femboys on Onlyfans in 2023

When it comes to amazing gay porn, it can’t all be huge cocks, sculpted hunks, and shredded abs. Don’t get us wrong, that’s all amazing, but we wouldn’t want to leave out the incredibly sexy femboys that love to embrace their femininity, and show the world how to please a thick cock. You don’t want just any Onlyfans femboy account, however, you want the best femboy Onlyfans stars of 2023, and boy did we deliver.

When it comes to femboys, Onlyfans has a wide variety to drool over, and sorting through them all to find you our favorites was a fun and challenging task. We wanted some carnal content creators, who loved to interact, put out hot, fun content, communicated well. It’s hard to be an Onlyfans legend, and these fantastic femboys are well on their way. Check out the top femboy Onlyfans stars of 2023, and let us know what you think!

Best Femboys OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best Femboys OnlyFans Models Accounts of 2023

  1. Alissa Femboy – Best Toy Play
  2. Geek Femboy – Best Nerdy Pornstar
  3. Trinity – Best Strip Teases
  4. Peachie Femboy – Prettiest in Pink
  5. Joel – Best Bilingual Beauty
  6. Femboy Irish – Best Free Femboy Content
  7. Cheeky SOB – Best for Blowjobs
  8. Sasha Trap – Sexiest Menu
  9. Flare – Best Group Play
  10. Virgin Femboy – The Sexiest Submissive

Best 10 Femboy OnlyFans Models

#1. Alissa Femboy – Best Toy Play



  • Nearly 300 Videos
  • Almost 250 Photos
  • Over 4,000 Likes

Where to Follow:

About Alissa Femboy:

Alissa Femboy is a smooth and curvy thicc butt femboy who you’re going to simply adore. This steamy little babe loves to dress up in stockings, tall socks, fishnets, and anything else to make you bite your lip in desire. Alissa says he posts lewd pics and videos for you to enjoy, but make no mistake, he leaves nothing up to the imagination.

Alissa’s drive is to gain your love and support, and once you see this feisty femboy in action, you’re going to have no issues providing that love. Alissa loves to play anally, whether on their own, or with a hot top. Any time he can get creampied is an automatic yes in Alissa’s books, and you can watch with a front row seat. Alissa loves to feel like a little bitch, and loves it even more when you get to watch. This femboy onlyfan trap will keep you coming back for more.

#2. Geek Femboy – Best Nerdy Pornstar



  • Over 8,000 Likes
  • Over 1,400 Photos
  • Nearly 700 Videos

Where to Follow:

About Geek Femboy:

Geek Femboy, who we’re calling GF for simplicity, is one half of a pornstar power couple. His wife is Katss Kawaii, and if you haven’t heard of her, don’t worry. He links to her page as well, and it’s worth checking out. But you want some steamy femboy only fans action, and GF certainly has you covered. This nerdy fem is a huge anime, Star Wars, and comic book fan. If you love some fun and filthy cosplay, GF can hook you up.

GF is bisexual, and while you’ll definitely see some steamy play with his wife, that’s not the drive behind this saucy account. There’s no shortage of fun nudes, lingerie, sex toys, anal play, and GF’s thick 8-inch cock. You’ll get erotic strip teases, waxing sessions, and everything else you could want. On his Facebook account, you can check out the art he creates. GF knows how to wow his audience in many talented ways in and out of the bedroom, so be sure to check him out!

#3. Trinity – Best Strip Teases



  • Over 3,600 Likes
  • 150 Photos and Counting
  • Nearly 100 Videos

Where to Follow:

About Trinity:

Trinity is the femboy stripper you’ve been pining for. They’ve got a naturally feminine face, body, and feet, and they truly love to take their clothes off and dance for you. This Asian hottie is 28 years old, and one of our favorite femboys on Onlyfans. You’ll find no shortage of photos and videos, and while their account is free to follow, you’ll need to tip for Trinity to uphold any real conversation.

This cross-dressing stripper from Texas loves to bring the sensuality at its finest, and is very proud of their salacious thong tan line that is very prominent. Trinity has free content you can scroll down for, and some seriously wild PPV videos that you’ll have to see for yourself. Don’t pass this bombshell by.

#4. Peachie Femboy – Prettiest in Pink



  • Over 1,500 Likes
  • Over 200 Photos
  • Nearly 1,000 Fans

Where to Follow:

About Peachie Femboy:

Peachie Femboy is pretty in pink, and their page is completely free to follow. The content that’s not hiding behind the PPV is mostly lewd and tantalizing, and what they hold back is jaw-droppingly awesome. If you want a taste of this peachie pervert, the free account is the perfect place to start. Once you’re hooked, and you will be, their subscription-based account has all that PPV unlocked.

Peachie loves anal play, and can’t get enough of that delicious Canadian cum (we hear rumors it tastes like maple syrup). They’ve been working hard to bring a new level of consistency and professionalism to their sexy content, and that upswing is really paying off, because we know you’ll love what this only fans femboy is all about.

#5. Joel – Best Bilingual Beauty



  • Nearly 5,000 Likes
  • Almost 150 Posts
  • Subscription Bundle

Where to Follow:

About Joel:

Joel is a Buenos Aires bombshell who cross dresses like a superstar. While his main language is Spanish, his posts are translated into English as well, so you know what you’re getting. He provides exclusive femboy content every day, and loves to create carnal customs to satisfy your perverted whims.

Joel loves to find himself in sticky situations, where maybe hanging out with soccer players somehow devolve into a rich orgy, or where he receives training from a friend and has to find a unique way to pay back the debt. All of these end in a different sort of sticky situation that you’ll find very satisfying. Joel is a femboy Onlyfans must-see!

#6. Femboy Irish – Best Free Femboy Content



  • Over 3,000 Likes
  • Free Account
  • Almost 300 Posts

Where to Follow:

About Femboy Irish:

Meet Femboy Irish, the 24-year-old who finally embraced his feminine side, and gave the world a truly steamy gift of a free Onlyfans account to enjoy. FI, as we’ll call him, has been going through a bit of a resurgence lately, and we can’t wait to see what amazing content he’s going to create for us next.

FI loves to train his ass with large toys, and as much cock as he can find. He really did embrace this femboy side more recently than not, and often laments about the time wasted chasing tail rather than getting railed. We’re certainly glad he decided to experiment, as FI is an Onlyfans femboy worth keeping an eye on!

#7. Cheeky SOB – Best for Blowjobs



  • Over 20,000 Likes
  • 250 Photos and Counting
  • Over 120 Videos

Where to Follow:

About Cheeky SOB:

The Cheeky SOB is your friendly neighborhood femboy (especially if your neighborhood is Las Vegas). This cute, kinky, carnal lover is always craving a thick cock to wrap his lips around, and to quote them, is always down to “eat your cummies.” That’s just too adorably sexy to pass up.

Cheeky SOB offers some great subscription bundles, where you can see him get all dressed up in fishnets and thongs, and really see what this fantastic femboy can accomplish when set loose with some hard waiting dongs in the room. If you want custom videos or photos, that’s not going to be an issue for this femboy only fans star. Pop in, and be sure to say hi.

#8. Sasha Trap – Sexiest Menu



  • Over 70,000 Likes
  • 600 Photos and Counting
  • Nearly 150 Videos

Where to Follow:

About Sasha Trap:

Sasha Trap’s account banner describes themselves as your father’s favorite thot. This university student is now striving for a Masters, and while they’re busy with that, they’re making amazing content for you to enjoy. Sasha provides daily content, messages, and even a free dick rating. This slender stunner with the cute ass does a lot more than that for their fans, however.

You’re going to get a wide variety of femboy content with both guys and girl, with a special dedication towards BBC, as well as anal play, toys, lewd games, loyalty rewards, girlfriend experiences, financial domination, sissy training, Sunday sex and Hentai posts, custom content creation, and some marvelous modeling sessions. When it comes to the best femboy Onlyfans stars, Sasha is easily among the top.

#9. Flare – Best Group Play



  • Over 23,000 Likes
  • Subscription Bundles
  • Over 700 Posts

Where to Follow:

About Flare:

Flare has something figured out when it comes to hot femboy content. This fiery femboy knows that it’s very rewarding to share, and as a result, loves to play with others. One on one isn’t enough, Flare is all about the threesomes and foursomes, all of which are better than the last. If you love the idea of your femboys all on their knees, asses on display for you to enjoy, then don’t bother waiting. Get in there!

Flare just wants to be your naughty fuck toy, and is happy to dress up and present themselves in whatever way you wish to make that happen. Most of their posts are videos (and there’s a very healthy amount of them now), which is why Flare is among our top femboy Onlyfans stars. Take advantage of their subscription bundle, and check them out!

#10. Virgin Femboy – The Sexiest Submissive



  • Over 11,000 Likes
  • Over 100 Posts
  • Kink Friendly

Where to Follow:

About Virgin Femboy:

Virgin Femboy (the virgin femboy, actually) is a young kinky submissive, who happens to be horny 24/7 and needs to deal with that. Lucky for all of us, Onlyfans provides the perfect platform for them to do just that. You can check out Virgin’s exclusive photos and videos, or strike up a conversation (but if you go too personal, Virgin will slow your roll).

Virgin has a free account, but it hasn’t been active for awhile, so it’s more of a time capsule than anything else, but you can get a taste for what’s in store if you subscribe. On their VIP account, you can opt for a long-term subscription bundle, and enjoy this femboy Onlyfans star to their fullest.

The Best Femboy Onlyfans FAQ’s

Who are the best Onlyfans femboys today?

We rounded up the best femboy Onlyfans creators of 2023, and listed them all in detail right here. For a quick summary, we have you covered. Check out Alissa or the Geek Femboy, but don’t forget about Trinity, Peachie, or Joel while you’re doing so. These lovely feminine sissies will drive you wild.

You’ll also want to discover Femboy Irish, Cheeky SOB, Sasha Trap, Flare, and the Virgin Femboy while you’re at it. These creators make one sexy list, but each of them brings a lot of wanton fun and depravity that you’re going to crave daily. Be sure to check them all out.

What do the top Onlyfans femboys make?

The average creator only makes a couple hundred bucks a month, but the average creator also isn’t going to make one of our lists. Creators that stand out, show consistency, and interact with their fans are going to do way better, and could be earning in the low thousands monthly.

Those numbers still have a lot of room to improve. The top 10% of Onlyfans creators can earn into the high thousands monthly, and the top 1% may even earn five digits every single month. If your favorite femboy happens to have a celebrity-level following, they could earn millions. That’s pretty exceptionally rare, but it can happen.

Which of the best femboy Onlyfans creators shouldn’t be missed?

The femboy Onlyfans creators featured here definitely shouldn’t be missed if you’re looking for some excellent, orgasmic content. For some amazing toy play, you want to see what Alissa Femboy is doing right now. Geek Femboy is one of the nerdiest (and most endearing) porn stars we’ve ever featured, and Trinity can strip tease like only few know how. Peachie is the Canadian femboy that loves to dress in pink and seduce fans.

There’s more where they came from. Joel is a true cross-dressing bilingual beauty, and femboy Irish has some of the best free content you can get in this category. The Cheeky SOB can’t get enough blowjob practice, and is always chasing down more, while Sasha Trap is one of the most playful and creative perverts we’ve featured. For fun group play, check out Flare, and the Virgin Femboy for a truly submissive dive into the bedroom.

How do I grow my own Onlyfans femboy page?

When you want to grow your own sexy femboy Onlyfans page, the first thing you’ll want to do is create a great landing page. You want good photos, and a write-up that describes what content you enjoy creating. This will tell fans what they’re getting into. From there, you’ll want to create that content consistently.

That consistency is difficult, but if you stick with it, you’ll gain traction. After that, time to find more fans. Build up a social media presence in all the main staples, and don’t forget to add Reddit to your list. There you can post in various subreddits and draw fans in who want more. Keep that up, and soon you’ll be watching those numbers skyrocket.

How do I get paid from my femboy Onlyfans account?

This is thankfully really easy to do. Once you earn a certain amount, you can withdraw your money any time with the click of a button. Alternatively, you can set up Onlyfans to release the money to your bank account monthly.

When you take out your money, the banks still need time to process the transaction, and move the funds. This usually takes up to five business days, and is standard for all banks. Onlyfans takes their cut off the top of all purchases, so any money you make is yours to spend. Just be sure to hold onto some for taxes – you’re technically self-employed!

What mistakes should I avoid when running my femboy Onlyfans account?

The biggest mistake most creators make is not having any description of their services on their landing page. This tends to turn off potential fans, because you’re asking them to take a leap of faith that you’ll be what they’re looking for. You might be perfect, but the safer option would be a less-perfect option that fans feel is transparent.

The next big mistake many creators make is failing to be consistent. If you really want to be successful, you need to treat your content production as a job, and stick to it diligently. Create a schedule, and if something goes wrong, communicate with your fans. They’ll appreciate the effort!


These are our top femboy choices of 2023, and we hope you love them. The competition was fierce, and there’s so many excellent creators that we wanted to feature. We can’t wait to bring you more amazing Onlyfans femboys, but until that day arrives, enjoy these amazing creators in all their glory.

There’s going to be no shortage of cock worship, orgasms, and salacious sissy action. These femboys can’t wait to hear all your dirty fantasies and desires, and try to make them come true. Don’t be shy when it comes to checking out these delectable darlings, as they’re going to work their ass off (in a few ways) to ensure you have all the happy endings you need. Check out our favorite femboys on Onlyfans in 2023, and we’ll see you again soon enough!

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