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Ready to take your 420 celebrations to the next level? Our curated list of CBD and hemp-derived goodies is here to help you find your bliss. From calming tinctures that’ll make your worries melt away to hemp-derived gummies that’ll have you grinning like a Cheshire cat, we’ve got the goodies to elevate your well-being.


2024 LA Weekly Elevate CBD Canna River

The Essentials:

Canna River’s D9 Gummies are packed with 10mg of D9 THC and 20mg of CBD. The Delta 9 THC and Broad Spectrum CBD work in perfect harmony to provide a great aid for things like: mood, pain, sleep, and stress. We like the Major Melonz, but you can try all 7 flavors to pick your favorite.

The Details:

Canna River has taken the pledge to redefine wellness by tailoring their Hemp and CBD offerings to meet the needs of their customers. The family owned business has been creating lab-tested products since 2018. Dive into their diverse collection and experience the difference that genuine passion makes in every product.




2024 LA Weekly Elevate CBD Plain Jane

The Essentials:

Energized, Lifted, Balanced, Chill, or Super Chill. They have something for everyone, from dab concentrates and whole flowers to gum and luxurious lotions but we love their Pina Colada Gummies and pre rolls the best.


The Details:

Founded in 2018 in Southern Oregon, Plain Jane takes a holistic approach to CBD and hemp products. Not only do they offer a wide array of ways to reap the benefits of the hemp flower, they are committed to providing the information you need to make the best decisions about which product is right for you. As firm believers in regenerative and sustainable farming, their flower is sourced from small family farms mostly located in Oregon.




2024 LA Weekly Elevate CBD Bailey s CBD For Pets

The Essentials:

Bailey’s CBD For Pets takes the bond we have with our fur babies very seriously. Their CBD Oil for Dogs is formulated with full-spectrum hemp extract, chamomile, and L-theanine to encourage peace and relaxation for our pups.

The Details:

Bailey’s CBD for Pets offers veterinarian-approved CBD products for pets’ health and wellness. Founded in memory of Bailey the pug, the brand uses single-source organic hemp and emphasizes customer education. Their mission is to improve pets’ lives with natural CBD solutions, captured in their slogan, “A Healthy Pet is a Happy Pet.”




2024 LA Weekly Elevate CBD CBD Lion

The Essentials:

CBD Lion’s Delta 8 Tincture is a great way to experience the euphoric side of hemp. The Delta 8 THC high has been described as not as intense as Delta 9 THC and is often referred to as THC light.


The Details:

CBD Lion leverages its founders’ deep-rooted expertise in medical cannabis to craft a product range that consumers can depend on. With a commitment to enhancing life’s quality through their Hemp-derived CBD and cannabinoid offerings, CBD Lion delivers innovative and effective products proudly made in the USA within an ISO7 certified clean room. They champion transparency with third-party testing, guaranteeing accurate dosing and safety for all their products.





2024 LA Weekly Elevate CBD Rose Los Angeles

The Essentials:

Rose Los Angeles’ High Energy Rose Delights are infused with White CB flower rosin to deliver the cognitive-enhancing effects of the CBG. The Fresh Pressed Green Juice flavor is enhanced with goji berry, and lion’s mane for even more brain-boosting benefits.


The Details:

Rose Los Angeles crafts their signature edibles with a commitment to purity and quality. Their flower rosin is a testament to their philosophy: “quality in is quality out.” Extracted in their own kitchen, the rosin is the result of a simple yet precise process, pressing whole flowers to yield a full-spectrum extract that captures the plant’s essence. Their unique approach marries culinary traditions with cannabis, infusing edibles with single-strain rosin for an authentic, integrative experience.



2024 LA Weekly Elevate CBD Herbivore Botanicals

The Essentials:

Herbivore Botanicals’ Emerald CBD and Hemp Seed Oils are a testament to their commitment to clean, plant-based skincare. These concoctions are crafted to lavish the skin with moisture, tackling issues like dryness and lack of radiance, while calming irritation.

The Details:

Herbivore Botanicals champions the synergy of nature and science. Embracing the philosophy that ‘less is more,’ they have forged a unique path, intertwining natural elements with dermatological science. With a focus on the holistic benefits of cannabis, Herbivore’s Emerald collection showcases the plant’s versatility in skincare, offering hydration and protection without psychoactive effects, and underscoring their advocacy for cannabis education and legalization.




Screenshot 2024 04 21 125208 

The Essentials:

The Kiskanu Hemp CBD Face Oil is good for all skin types – even sensitive skin! The formulation includes calendula, rose geranium, lavender, and wild carrot in addition to CBD. Use it as a makeup base or remover, beard oil, or anywhere else that needs a little CBD TLC.

The Details:

Kiskanu utilizes organic whole plant extracts and virgin cold-pressed oils. Their dedication to organic farming and sustainable practices ensures that every product is not only safe but also contributes to the well-being of the community. Operating from Northern Humboldt, the family’s two-decade legacy in cannabis culminates in their handcrafted hemp beauty and wellness products.


kiskanucannabis .com@kiskanu


2024 LA Weekly Hello Again

The Essentials:

Hello Again believes you should  feel your best, every day of the month, period. Their vaginal suppository is formulated for PMS and combines 10mg of THC, 20mg of CBD and natural botanicals to help you feel “Gynomite.”

The Details:

Carrie Mapes and Patty Pappas founded Hello Again in 2019, after extensive research and development. Carrie’s creativity combined with Patty’s attention to detail make them the perfect pair to spearhead a movement to educate women about menopause and the non-psychoactive use of cannabis for wellness at any age. The duo is committed to offering solutions for women to improve both mental and physical health and feel like themselves again.




2024 LA Weekly Elevate CBD Dyna Pure CBD

The Essentials:

DYNAPURE’s Happiness CBD Gummies are delicious, uniquely square in shape and have no corn syrup or artificial ingredients. The Strawberry Lemonade flavor is our go-to for a daily dose of phytocannabinoid-rich broad spectrum hemp CBD extract.


The Details:

DYNAPURE is on a mission to lead the industry in high-quality precision-crafted hemp-based CBD products. Their focus on community care and involvement guides DYNAPURE’s product development.





2024 LA Weekly Pure Beauty

The Essentials:

Fun-sized and ready to go, Pure Beauty’s CBD Babies are perfectly portable pre-rolls filled with relieving, high quality CBD flower. With a sweet, lemony, piney aroma and taste, these Babies make for an overall calming effect. Pass them out at the party or keep them all to yourself.

The Details:

The Pure Beauty brand was created to celebrate the things about cannabis that touch on culture, like art, music, fashion, social justice, and… everything surrounding us. A conscious brand that can feel the energy and love from the moment you engage to when you are high from their lovingly grown flower.



2024 LA Weekly Sunday Scaries

The Essentials: 

Rainbow bite full spectrum Unicorn Jerky CBD Candy to elevate your mood and their Extra CBD Strength Gummies for extra strength relief.

The Details: 

After heartbreaking and life changing events for both founders Beau and Mike they decided to commit to fighting internal darkness after being destroyed emotionally. They searched for a solution to help themselves and others heal and when introduced to CBD they immediately felt calmness and the relief they were looking for. They spent over two years custom formulating Sunday Scaries and added vitamins and fun branding to remind people life doesn’t have to be so scary!


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