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We’ve got the inside scoop on how to enhance your 420 vibes with the power of CBD and hemp-derived goodies. These essentials are here to make your experience highly enjoyable [wink, wink]. Did you know that CBD oil has been used for centuries to soothe pain (NLM)? Yep, since 2900 B.C., folks have been turning to this green goodness for relief. And while some hemp-derived products can give you that THC high feeling, CBD won’t leave you feeling spaced out. It’s like the responsible sibling who shows up to the party with herbal tea and a calming playlist. That doesn’t mean you have to snooze 420 away (unless you want to – no judgment). Hemp-derived products can be formulated to give you a boost too. All the benefits of weed, without the (unwanted) high.


2024 LA Weekly CBD 1 Sleepy Bear


Can’t sleep? Low on Energy? Is Aunt Flo not your favorite relative? Whatever your problem, there’s a bear formula for you! These aren’t your average CBD products; Sleepy Bear’s gummy products are the world’s most advanced cannabis-infused gummies. All their gummy formulas are uniquely designed with research-backed specialty minor cannabinoid blends to provide targeted support for specific wellness needs. Fall asleep fast with their new high-potency Sleepy Bear, featuring a knockout blend of CBN and THC; not a THC fan, try their other THC-free Sleep formulas for effective nightly relief. Their offerings aren’t limited to sleep; try their Day Bear formula for a natural energy and focus boost or their pink lemonade Lady Bear to support all your feminine health needs.

Sleepy Bear products combine the best of science and nature. Their gummies are crafted with premium raw materials and a two-stage pharmaceutical-grade delivery system to provide consumers with the dual benefits of rapid absorption and slower sustained peak circulation. Research showed that their proprietary CANNAPEAK™ absorption technology provides a more consistent user experience with faster, stronger, and longer-lasting effects compared to other products or absorption methods.


2024 LA Weekly CBD Breez


“Make the benefits of cannabis accessible to everyone.” had been Breez’s mission since 2015.  Breez has helped millions of people make cannabis part of everyday life with their tablets, mints, and sprays. The family-owned business is making the benefits of this remarkable plant more accessible than ever with its line of hemp-based offerings. This hemp-based expansion stays true to Breez’s reputation for having something for everyone, every day.


2024 LA Weekly CBD Melee Dose


Melee Dose can help you out. They are known for their creative mixing of rare cannabinoids, terpenes, flavor and texture. The Melee Dose White Peach Mimosa Live Resin Gummy is infused with Mimosa strain HHC and Delta-9 THC. The Mimosa hybrid strain provides an uplifting and motivating effect. With a peachy flavor balanced with just a touch of champagne, you’ll be toasting the tiresome.



2024 LA Weekly CBD Drink Happie

drinkhappie.com @drinkhappie

Happie wants you to join their Happie Vibe Tribe. The company has made CBD-infused seltzers since 2021 and recently added THC products to their offerings. With 25mg of CBD, ocean-sourced minerals, and real fruit extracts, Happie is the choice for those that choose to pursue happiness.



2024 LA Weekly CBD Elyxr LA


ELYXR is the product of a synergy between multiple established businesses that took shape over a number of years. More importantly, a synergy between a group of like-minded and ambitious cannabis industry leaders, who just happened to also be friends. The Downtown Los Angeles brand leverages its in-house manufacturing, packaging, and logistics teams for faster product launches & fulfillment.



2024 LA Weekly CBD Tribetokes


TribeTokes creates premium, craft cannabis vapes, wellness and beauty products for the next generation cannabis consumer – who respects plant science, consumes mindfully and expects top quality products from trusted brands. The brand is leading the “clean vaping movement” with oils that have only 2 ingredients: cannabis distillate and strain-specific terpenes – no fillers or cutting agents, just potent vapes that taste and feel great.



2024 LA Weekly CBD Cornbread Hemp

cornbreadhemp.com @cornbread_hemp

Cornbread Hemp takes advantage of the entourage effect with their full-spectrum, organic, vegan gummies. These gummies come in formulations that support recovery, relaxation, and sleep – all the things we need to fully enjoy the holidays. Cornbread also offers CBD oils, capsules, creams and balms, and CBD for pets. All of their full-spectrum CBD products are made with organic flower-only hemp and ingredients.



2024 LA Weekly CBD Not Pot



Inspired by anime and pastel tones their CBD Icy Gel, Banana OG Hemp Body Cremes, Pink Champagne Gummies and Day and Night Duo Gummies are your  daily dose of chill. But don’t let the cuteness overload fool you – Not Pot is not only a brand but a new approach to cannabis! FREE PLANTS AND PEOPLE with Not Pot’s mission to untangle the roots of Cannabis history. Their proactive energies have led to the creation of the Not Pot bail fund to combat mass incarceration. Every month they pay for someone’s bail so check out their online bundles and their insanely cute merchandise!


2024 LA Weekly CBD Cycling Frog


Cycling Frog has crafted their products using only the highest quality, sustainably-farmed hemp. Grown in beautiful Central Oregon with its sprawling views of the Three Sisters, Mt. Jefferson, Smith Rock and access to crystal clear Cascade Range filtered mountain water. Cycling Frog products are guaranteed pure and are always 100% free of any pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, and harmful microbes.

Cycling Frog isn’t just a brand. It’s a statement. It’s the belief that cannabis consumption should be normalized. Cannabis should be affordable. Cannabis should be accessible. Cannabis is fun. Cannabis should be enjoyed with the same ease as your favorite sparkling water or beer. The Cycling Frog Team is dedicated to making their drinks accessible to you – promising affordability and accessability.



2024 LA Weekly CBD Off Field


MOVEMENT MADE HAPPY . OFFFIELD is a CBD wellness drink that helps manage anxiety and stress for more calm and focused energy. “We believe an open mind and an active life is a better prescription for self-cafe” – OFFFIELD promoting a calm but active lifestyle through running and exercise. Turns out using cannabis before exercise has become more popular – recent years have seen considerable public interest in the use of cannabis during exercise. OFFFIELD challenges America’s sedentary lifestyle  by offering a fresh, quenching new perspective. They also offer athletes an alternative to the synthetic usuals – with OFFFIELD athletes are to experience the “Runners High”. We recommend everyone to try OFFFIELD to experience the CBD beverage future and see what’s to come – freshen your mood and perspective – “ENJOY IT”.


11 ☺ VYBES

2024 LA Weekly CBD Vybes


Vybes hemp-derived CBD wellness drinks have been players in the CBD beverage game from the beginning. Setting high standards for the rest of the CBD drink culture with delicious refreshing flavors like Blackberry Hibiscus created by award-winning LA-based mixologist, Nick Meyer. Tart blueberry juice, lemonade and a hint of mint are the trifecta of taste. If you’re into lemonade drinks, you’ve got to try the Blueberry Mint. This was the second flavor they made in 2017, and it continues to be one of their all-time best selling flavors. Vybes drinks help calm and chill – to not worry about being worried and it feels and tastes great!


2024 LA Weekly CBD Mad Tasty



The Mad Tasty CBD drink flavors and formula are unique, fun and refreshing: Watermelon Kiwi, Yuzu Citrus, Grapefruit and last but not least Unicorn tears! And when you help your mood with Mad Tasty you help hydrate others – Mad Tasty donates the equivalent amount of clean drinking water to people and places in need.


“After discovering that hemp helped to level my mood, curb my anxiety and maximize my performance, I wanted to create something with an effective serving of hemp, but hemp extract can taste bitter. After much searching and research, my team and I cracked the code. We can now proudly say that no hemp beverage tastes better, has less calories, or is more functional than MAD TASTY.”- Ryan Tedder, Founder

Whether you’re looking to mellow out or elevate your energy, CBD and hemp-derived products offer a versatile palette for your 420 celebrations. They bridge the gap between ancient herbal wisdom and modern wellness trends, providing a tailored experience that caters to your personal preferences.So, as you explore the options, remember that the power to shape your daily vibe is quite literally at your fingertips. All the joy, none of the fog (unless you want to vape your hemp goodies – no judgment).

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