Stefanie Heinze‘s latest solo exhibition, “MORTAR (the cute ones shouldn’t go unnoticed)” at Petzel Gallery in New York, explores themes of knowledge and truth through dynamic and ambiguous paintings. Heinze likens the concept of “mortar” to a process of development and transformation, similar to how a mortar and pestle blend ingredients. Her work combines small-scale drawings and collages into large-scale paintings featuring whimsical elements like banana slices and body parts. Heinze emphasizes a balance between chaos and structure, creating an immersive experience for viewers.

In an interview she conducted with herself for PAPER Magazine, she probes about the depth of “MORTAR,” and responds — “It’s about brutality and tenderness, the act of self-maintenance and truth seeking, a digestif for the cruelty in the world. My friend said, ‘New York turns you into paste.’ You go from there. (The cute ones shouldn’t go unnoticed).”

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