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Five Places to F*ck When It's So F*cking Hot

Perhaps you've noticed, it's really hot outside. Like, this fucking hot. Temperatures are creeping into to the low hundreds throughout the United States with swampy bouts of humidity in all the places where that kind of shit happens. And while most civilized Americans are currently hunkered inside of their shaded,......
Let your freak flag fly.

Go 4th & Prosper: 7 National Landmarks Perfect for Public Sex

On a day dedicated to freedom, (and hot dogs), nothing says "personal independence" like deliberately shunning decency laws and getting it on in public. These national landmarks are ideal spots to celebrate USA day by setting off some personal fireworks (in your PANTS!) just out of sight from tourists and......
Packages come in all shapes and sizes.

Report: Penis Enlargement Surgeries on the Rise

For decades, women have had the advantage in terms of manipulating the size of their protruding body parts most strongly correlated with sex and sex appeal. The playing field, however, has been leveled (or raised, depending on how you look at it), with the, uh, rising rate of penoplasties, which......
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