Find thyself someone to love, young ladies, for your sexual prime might be coming sooner than you thought.

The results of a recent online poll conducted in the UK suggest that women reach their sexual peak at age 28, thus contradicting the widely held notion that females hit their sexual stride during their mid-thirties. The study found that it is actually men, widely believed to peak sexually in their teens, who hit sexual prime time in their thirties.

The (scientifically questionable) online poll conducted by sex toy company Lovehoney surveyed 1,281 British men and women. The survey also indicated that people have the most sex while they're in their twenties, which makes sense as this is the period of life when people are most typically single, open to experimentation and wholly DTF.

She obviously just turned 29.

She obviously just turned 29.

Females reported that it took them an average of 13 years after losing their virginity to begin having truly satisfying sex. If this result were to coincide with the study's other conclusion, it would mean that girls would have to lose their virginity around the age of 15 to have their most satisfying sex coincide with their sexual prime. (Mothers, lock up your daughters). For men, the most pleasurable sex happened about 15 years after losing one's virginity. Although there was no suggestion as to why, our guess is “extended staying power” and “finally figuring out the clitoris.”

Blessedly, voice of reason (and annoyingly titled) “sexpert” Yvonne Fullbright allayed the fears of the panicked masses by reiterating that most people peak sexually simply when they are truly comfortable with themselves and their partners, which can happen at any age. So there.

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