For decades, women have had the advantage in terms of manipulating the size of their protruding body parts most strongly correlated with sex and sex appeal. The playing field, however, has been leveled (or raised, depending on how you look at it), with the, uh, rising rate of penoplasties, which allow men to increase their penis size in both length and girth. This surgery typically runs about $6,000 and can add inches to most penises.

Dr. Roberto Viel, who performs an average of five penoplasties a week in his London office, says clients are usually in their thirties and early forties and come from a wide variety of professions and social strata. Most of these men are seeking penis enlargement not because of a functional issue, but because they simply want to enhance the God-given size of their package to boost their personal penis confidence and increase pleasure for their sexual partners. Viel says that 80 percent of his patients receive an enlargement of both girth and length, because, well, why not.

Ground zero for penis enlargement surgery.

Ground zero for penis enlargement surgery.

According to Viel, penoplasty can increase the length of a flaccid penis by one to four inches and the circumference by about the same amount, although the doctor says he “won't do anything unnatural” in terms of creating scary huge, freak-of-science-style Frankenstein cocks. For a recent procedure, Viel took fat that was liposuctioned out of a patient's back and inserted it into the man's penis. The client reported that the results of the fat transfer were “instant and impressive” and that his penis looked “totally natural and symmetrical.” Thus, it seems that men seeking penis enlargements and women who get breast implants are both after the same thing: results that boost body confidence, appear God-given and appeal to the opposite sex.

However, a patient who recently boosted his package size through penoplasty said that guys should not get the surgery for the sole purpose of pleasing women. “If they are doing it to impress a girl who's told them they are too small, then that's not right,' said the patient. 'It should be something they want to do for themselves.” There is no word on whether or not the surgery increases the self-satisfaction of masturbation, although we're going to go ahead and assume so.

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