Matthew Mullins

Credit: Courtesy Tom Ferda

May Day Protesters Give Middle Finger to LAPD (PHOTO)

Scores of people, police and, of course, Occupy L.A. hit downtown yesterday for the annual May Day marches and rallies. The streets were clogged with an estimated 10,000-plus people who were there to speak their minds on immigration reform, and -- wait! -- did that sign just say what we......
Credit: Courtesy of Facebook/David Alexander Granados Memorial Fundraiser

Luxury Car Hit-And-Run Drivers Running Rampant in L.A.

Why are drivers of luxury cars in Los Angeles involved in a bloody binge of hit-and-run driving, leaving innocent victims for dead? Are rich folk out of their minds? This is felony manslaughter, not "oops." The city is offering a $50,000 reward to help find the driver of a silver......
Alleged LACC parking lot masturbator; Credit: Courtesy of Beatrice Alcala

L.A. City College Student Shames Serial Masturbator (VIDEO)

Los Angeles Collegian student reporter Regine Simmonds contributed to this report. A young, Latino male allegedly masturbated outside the car of student Beatrice Alcala in the Los Angeles City College parking lot on Monday, and Alcala -- a graphic designer for the student newspaper -- had the presence of mind......