Scores of people, police and, of course, Occupy L.A. hit downtown yesterday for the annual May Day marches and rallies. The streets were clogged with an estimated 10,000-plus people who were there to speak their minds on immigration reform, and — wait! — did that sign just say what we think it said?

Of course, it would just be an example of someone exercising their First Amendment rights. The phrase is not unknown to us, right? It has been used in various protests across the world at least since the N.W.A song made the phrase popular in 1988.

While Seattle saw rioting during its May Day demonstrations yesterday, LAPD and protesters kept it cool here in Los Angeles. Even (as pictured) a sign that dictates complete disrespect for law enforcement couldn't cause trouble on our streets.

Tom Ferda, who took the picture, explains:

[Warning: explicit lyrics]:

I'm not a fan of the verbiage 'fuck the police' on this sign, but I'm a fan of how the LAPD paved the way allowing Angelenos to exercise their First Amendment rights. A dozen cops on motorcycles and bicycles blocked streets for these peeps to march yesterday afternoon.

According to Reuters, protesters in Seattle threw rocks at officers, who in turn responded with pepper spray grenades.

There reportedly were 17 arrested and eight officers injured. This is the second year in a row Seattle has had an issue with May Day, which is an international celebration of workers rights and labor solidarity.

In Los Angeles we can say, “Fuck the police,” without having to fuck with the police. That's a great thing for the First Amendment and for the people who live in Los Angeles.

Ferda said on Twitter:

I imagine, in places like the South, law enforcement would consider the verbiage obscene and arrest people.

Not here. Thank God, not here.

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