Los Angeles Collegian student reporter Regine Simmonds contributed to this report.

A young, Latino male allegedly masturbated outside the car of student Beatrice Alcala in the Los Angeles City College parking lot on Monday, and Alcala — a graphic designer for the student newspaper — had the presence of mind to videotape part of the incident. (See video on next page.)

All week, the Weekly has learned, LACC officials failed to notify students of the event. Then today, yet another student reported a Latino man masturbating this morning — this time, disturbingly, outside the campus Child Development Center.

On Monday, April 8 at 4:15 p.m. Alcala, of the Eastside, was waiting in her car for nearby traffic to die down when a guy wearing a black and red Nike shirt, and with tattooed arms, appeared outside her car.

Alcala tells L.A. Weekly, “I thought maybe he was just resting or something. I thought that it was a normal pedestrian passing by.”

It wasn't: When she sensed that the man was not moving on, she looked at him and saw something she never expected — the alleged flasher had stopped to stand right outside her car window, and had dropped trou.

“I realized he was aroused and a few seconds later, he showed me his entire penis and was masturbating,” she says.

What did the quick-thinking student do?

“When I saw that, I started recording him,” catching a clear shot of his face after he had pulled up his pants.

Acala hoped that by aiming her smart phone at him she would scare him away. But instead, she says, after he pulled up his pants he acted more aroused for her camera, posing and appearing to methodically display to her a side view of his erect penis beneath his pants.

Alcala says he then tried to open the door to Alcala's car.

Here's the video she snapped from her car:

Alcala put her smart phone away and fled in her car, and, she says, the suspect exposed himself again as she drove and then he stumbled away.

“I wasn't afraid of him,” says Alcala, “Most women would not have known what to do in a situation like this. If he came any closer to me, something would have happened to him.”

Alcala wants to publicly expose what happened, so other girls will remember to protect themselves on the LACC campus.

On Friday morning, the second incident was reported by a male student who told a campus police cadet that he witnessed a Latino man of a similar description masturbating outside the Child Development Center.

The cases fall under the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, which oversees LACC's campus police. But where are the campus police?

LACC Dean of Student Life Earic Peters said of the first troubling on-campus incident, “We will work with [the community college campus police] to follow up on a police level. We need to help protect students who are here at night from any possible sexual assault or threat.”

Yet as of today, no alert had been sent to students to look out for the alleged pervert.

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