Matthew Mullins

Credit: Courtesy of Travis Pates

Los Angeles Club Kids: Where Are They Now?

On the West Coast, the club kids popped up around 1991, the local counterparts of the New York City Party Monster types, attending the types of underground raves your parents explicitly forbade. It wasn't all about drugs, but there were certainly plenty: ketamine, acid, cocaine, ecstasy, and more, sometimes washed......
Credit: Courtesy of vastateparksstaff

Ricardo Lara Wants To Remove Tax Exemption For Anti-Gay Boy Scouts

California Sen. Ricardo Lara is introducing the "Youth Equality Act" to try to remove the Boy Scouts of America's tax-exempt status because it discriminates against gays. Lara aims to pass bill SB 323, which would end 501(c)3 status for all youth groups that continue to discriminate against homosexual youth in......