Deborah Stoll

La Descarga's Ceiling; Credit: Courtney Munch

The New Year's Most Exciting New Bar Update: La Descarga

When we last told you about the exciting new bar opening in Jan., 2010, we promised an update as soon as possible. Here's what we got: Opening Feb. 2nd., La Descarga, slang for go crazy" or "after party", is a 1930s rum bar. The exact location is still undisclosed but......
Zombie Effects; Credit: Mark Steger

The Zombie: A Cocktail of Epic Proportions And Mindless Effect

With a swing and muster that recalls Luc Sante's Low Life hoodlums, David A. Embury was a practicing lawyer in the 1940s when he wrote a book called The Fine Art Of Mixing Drinks. In it, he describes The Zombie as "the most overadvertised, overemphasized, overexalted, and foolishly feared drink......