What do tranny hookers, crumbling walls, fedoras, and a show-stopping entrance have in common? They're all part of a new bar set to open in L.A. at the end of January. Since hearing the whispers, Squid Ink's been begging for a walk-thru of the space, which is still in the process of being built out.

We finally got to see it, but with the caveat that we not leak any details. If you're wondering, “Why write about something you're not supposed to write about?” The reason is simple: the place is so special we can't keep it to ourselves. We're going to tell you all we possibly can, with updates as soon as we possibly can, so that the moment those doors creak open, you'll be the first one there– parking in a neighborhood you'd otherwise never have dared.

First off, the bar has the best entrance, hands down, of any heretofore seen. That includes, hot dog stands, phone booths, and hidden bookcases.

The space has some serious history. In a city where things tend to be so glossified that all memory of the previous owners have been vanquished, this place is staying true to its well-worn roots and is sure to be haunted by its fair share of ghosts.

Sugarcane will be sliced and juiced with gusto.

An outdoor patio bar off the main space encourages smoking, sipping and caboseo – in tango, the slight head nod to a prospective partner across the floor to signal your interest.

The concept is simple, but fully realized with dozens of intricate details, like an old film set that comes to life when its actors arrive. The actors, in this case, are the guests (insert L.A. joke here). If this sounds a little heavy-handed, I assure you it's not – the principals in this venture have taken the time to create such a fanciful world, that the minute you step through the…er…door, you'll feel as though you're entering into another world.

Stay tuned for more information about this spot – whatever it's called and wherever it is – in the New Year.

LA Weekly