The Hungry Cat is L.A.'s accidental meeting place. Every time you step foot inside you'll find friends, family, people you've passed in the night and hoped to see again… I can't put my finger on how or why it happens, suffice to say, it's a bright and shining spot in a decidedly weird mall-like arena.

The food has always changed seasonally but the cocktails haven't been as adaptable. Until now. Although still heavy on the citrus/sours, with Steve Livigni's help, a seafood-friendly Walnut Manhattan cocktail has been added. In addition to a nightly special, every few weeks they'll now feature one of the bartender's latest market-fresh creations. Read on to get the low-down on their first batch of new smack. I mean drinks.

The Dutch Treat has Damarak Gin, lemon and lime juice and house-made grenadine. Citrussy, fresh tasting, delicious paired with the Tandoori Spiced Hamachi.

The aforementioned Walnut Manhattan has Sazerac Rye, Noncello, Walnut Liqueur, and Carpano Antica. A “gateway whiskey drink” according to Livigni, it's just the thing to give someone who usually eschews the stuff. If they still don't like whiskey after imbibing, you might want to consider a new friend.

The Rosalita features Hacienda Vieja Tequila, grapefruit, lemon, orange flower water and Cava. Like a sparkling margarita. Lovely.

The Scorpio Rising with Blue Ice Vodka muddled with persimmons, lemon and Vanilla Simple Syrup sounds terrible but is actually, great. It's just the sort of flavor girls love. I mean, we do. But also, it's strong enough for a man. The Hungry Cat loves persimmons.

And last but not least, this holiday season welcomes the Hungry Cat's insanely delicious Egg Nog. Get it for dessert. Get it as a present (they sell beautifully bottled versions for $28 a liter-ish). Get it to pour into the bathtub. Whatever. Just get it.

And in case you're concerned, yes, they have kept their beloved classic cocktail list of Dark & Stormys, Greyhounds, Pimlicos and Luke's Lemonade.

The Hungry Cat: 1535 North Vine, Hollywood; (323) 462-2155.

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