Debunk the theory that nobody reads in L.A.. Bring a book (or six) into Cole's this week and receive a dollar off a French Dip. Considering the sandwiches, avec au jus, cost just $6.38 it's kind of a deal. Your donation will support the renovation of The Midnight Mission's Mary Murphy Library serving homeless residents and the downtown community.

Cole's, if you don't know, is Los Angeles' originator of the French Dip and is located in the hollow of the Pacific Electric building — once the nucleus of the Pacific Electric railway network. The saloon-style joint was taken over last year by Cedd Moses who kept the original glass lighting, penny tile floors, and restored the 40-foot mahogany bar to its former glory.

There's even a hidden staircase that can be viewed thru two Jurassic-Museum peek holes in the wall. The inside is staged to look as if a girl in her lingerie was rushing to the train and something, or someone distracted her, she dropped her suitcase and ran. Maybe she heard them shouting last call.

Cole's: 118 East Sixth Street, Los Angeles; (213) 622-4090.

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