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We Sure Did Piss Off Wheeler Walker Jr.

Last month, L.A. Weekly writer Nicholas Pell wrote one of his "Unpopular Opinion" columns about...


Top Los Angeles Music News

Punk Icon Alice Bag Goes Solo

"1, 2, 3, 4," Alice Bag chants as she sways to the beat of the metronome. She's in the control...


Top Los Angeles Music News

Remembering the Genius of Bernie Worrell

The funkiest keyboard player who ever lived is no longer with us. Parliament-Funkadelic keys man...


Top Los Angeles Music News

Fortunately, You Still Can't Copyright a Riff

This is a story about a guitar riff. For the sake of clarity, and because it's one of my...

Rock That's, Like, Classic

Top Los Angeles Music News

DJ Rap Is Now Focused on Teaching

There's something that Charissa Saverio tries to impart to her students: "Music doesn't have to...


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