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Is America Ready for Rawstyle?

The sound is HUUUUUUGGGGGGEEE. Like, Jabba the Hutt huge. A massive, distorted,...


Top Los Angeles Music News

King King to Close Its Doors in January

Hollywood venue King King, long established as a go-to spot for L.A. househeads, is closing its...


Top Los Angeles Music News

In Time for El Niño, A Perfect Rainy-Day Rap Album

"You don’t ever talk to me like that!” a voice screams. “We’re supposed to be able to talk,” a...

Bizarre Ride

Top Los Angeles Music News

Henry Rollins: ISIS Attacked at the Right Time

The last few days have been a blur. Fly from London to Los Angeles. Fourteen hours later, head...

Henry Rollins!

Top Los Angeles Music News

When Can We Expect the Adele Backlash?

As you've probably heard by now, Adele Adkins is well on her way to shattering every sales...

Pop Music. Ever Heard of It?

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