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I Waited 31 Years to See Van Halen

Van Halen taught me how to be cool. No, that's a lie. I was never cool, especially not as a high...

Last Night

Top Los Angeles Music News

Culture Collide Brings Chinese Rock to L.A.

As long as China has been the “C” in BRICS, the acronym that stands for five of the world’s...


Top Los Angeles Music News

The Time Van Halen Caused a Riot in Pasadena

Van Halen has been making music blog headlines in 2015 for mostly controversial reasons. Whether...


Top Los Angeles Music News

Remembering '90s Rap Duo The Nonce

While G-funk from Long Beach and Compton dominated hip-hop airwaves through the 1990s, the pulse...


Top Los Angeles Music News

Snoop Dogg's Second-Best Album Is ...

Snoop Dogg has, for over two decades, consistently been an icon of hip-hop. One of the most...

Gangsta Is What That Is

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