Top Los Angeles Music News

DJ Amanda Jones Rules the Goth/Industrial Scene

It's Friday night inside the Monte Cristo, a gorgeous Koreatown venue hidden behind a plain...


Top Los Angeles Music News

Sir the Baptist Mixes Pop, R&B, Gospel and Protest

“I’m not trying to be embraced by religious people,” says Chicago-bred, L.A.-based singer Sir...

Pop Music. Ever Heard of It?

Top Los Angeles Music News

Mija's Lucky Skrillex Break

For Amber Giles, life changed early one morning at an art car parked on the grounds of a music...


Top Los Angeles Music News

Joe Nichols Finds His Place on Country Radio

Many things about Joe Nichols’ life have been a slow build, culminating in his success over the...


Top Los Angeles Music News

After 42 Years, Jewel's Catch One Says Goodbye

In 1973, the first African-American female-owned disco in Los Angeles, Jewel’s Catch One, opened...


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