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Rollins: Bend Over, America — Here Comes Trump

America is an angry country. It always has been. Those who came before us cleared out the locals...

Henry Rollins!

Top Los Angeles Music News

Vote Now in Our Best of L.A. Readers' Choice Poll

Do you have a favorite spot to see live music? A bartender who always remembers your drink? A...

Top Los Angeles Music News

Rapper DeLon Reps His Sri Lankan Heritage

Producer, rapper and DJ DeLon might have cut his teeth at rap competitions in Compton and South...


Top Los Angeles Music News

Stop Shitting on Taylor Swift's Feminism

Taylor Swift messed up. I know this, you know this, Nicki Minaj knows this, Taylor Swift knows...

Awards Shows

Top Los Angeles Music News

DJ Amanda Jones Rules the Goth/Industrial Scene

It's Friday night inside the Monte Cristo, a gorgeous Koreatown venue hidden behind a plain...


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