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Low End Theory Festival Announces 2015 Lineup

Low End Theory is arguably the best weekly party in L.A., if not the entire the U.S. A veritable...


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U2: Still the World's Greatest Rock Band

Before U2 hit the stage for night two of their five-night run at the Forum on Wednesday, there...

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Living With Leukemia at Lightning in a Bottle

Forget about plenty of sleep and an apple a day. Deep, pounding bass from legendary house DJ...


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Why Are There So Many Great Filipino Turntablists?

[An L.A. native, L.A. Weekly columnist Jeff Weiss edits Passion of the Weiss and hosts the Shots...

Bizarre Ride

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The Ultimate List of Free Summer Concerts

Sure, Los Angeles is expensive as hell (and impossibly expensive if you make under $85K a year),...

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