Flamingosis Knows Exactly ‘What You Won’t Do For Love’: New Jersey-raised, Brooklyn-based artist and producer Flamingosis, who blends soul, funk, jazz, hip-hop, and electronic music, told us about his love for Bobby Caldwell’s eponymous R&B/funk classic (and more).

Flamingosis: One of the best R&B/Funk albums from front to back. What You Won’t Do For Love is obviously the biggest hit, but every track on this is a bop. Soulful, catchy, groovy, and heartfelt all the way through. There’s a reason why so many other artists like 2Pac, Common, J Dilla, Biggie, etc. have sampled his melodic work.  I also sampled it on my own tune “Down For The Third Time” on my Pleasure Palette album. RIP to Bobby Caldwell, one of the greatest ever.

[In addition,] I listened to Reality Testing by Lone when I was still in college and it changed my outlook and perspective on making beats forever. The whole project blends hip-hop instrumentals and house music together into a wonderful hybrid that no one else was really doing at the time. The drums, sampling and synthesizer soundscapes are ethereal, compelling and will make your head nod instinctively.

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Vanilla’s Soft Focus is one of, if not the, best hip-hop instrumental album of all time for me. Vanilla has been a prominent name in the SoundCloud/Bandcamp world from pretty much the very beginning when those websites formed. And for very good reason. The dude just has a gift for making great beats. From the selection of samples, to the chops and the drums, and to the arrangement and cohesiveness of tying all the tracks together. It’s a really flawless project.

Flamingosis’ “Nebula Gazer” single is out now.

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