Power dressing gets a whole new meaning when you infuse intention into your outfits. Just look at Gabriela Rosales, aka @thestylistwitch. Since 2019, the Los Angeles-based stylist and glamour witch has helped clients get dressed on a magickal level, using a unique approach that incorporates astrology, tarot, and color magic. These tools give her insight into someone’s “exalted aesthetic,” a term she coined to define the embodiment of self-actualization.

Rosales also turns to glamour magic, which she describes as the ability to amplify aspects of yourself through the practice of embodiment. “It’s about viewing your closet as a potent tool, imbuing your garments and accessories with intention, and raising the energy of that intention by embodying it and living in alignment with it while wearing the garment,” she says, comparing the process to charging a crystal. Essentially, it’s dressing for the life you want with a witchy twist.

Alchemize Your Wardrobe for the New Year Using Rosales’ Tips

1. Curate Both Your Closet and Your Energy

“I’m a physical memento type of person, and at this point, my collection really tells the story of my life, and it brings me a lot of joy to access the spectrum of my evolution so tangibly,” says Rosales. Just as you purge bad vibes and energies to make room for long-term positivity, the same should be done with personal pieces. When you feel good about what you’re wearing, you carry a confidence that aligns you with your higher self.

2. Express Yourself in Every Way

Rosales’ 102-year-old style icon, Iris Apfel, is “living proof that you can look fabulous at any age” and that we as women never have to “tone it down” for acceptability’s sake. Limiting your style choices is a form of internalizing, so if you consider yourself a maximalist, it’s best to put all your best pieces on display at all times, just like you would with your feelings.

3. Remember the Basic Law of Manifestation

“I think one of the most powerful ways to integrate magic into your personal style is simply by following your heart,” explains Rosales. “Personal style is emotional, not logical, so the minute we start to overthink, we already place too much emphasis on external opinions and validation.” The best thing you can do is protect your fashion choices like you would your hopes and dreams. “After all,” says Rosales, “one of the most important rules to manifestation is being sovereign in your truth in order to attract aligned attention, connection, and opportunities.”

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