Forward Head Posture Fix Reviews – (I’ve Tested) My Honest Experience!

Forward Head Posture Fix is a digital program that helps you manage your head position and posture, which can make you strong and mentally sharp. The set of easy movements guides you to regain your posture and is also said to combat serious problems caused by it.

Forward Head Posture

Have you ever recognized that your head position is right? The problem is due to modern technology and long working hours spent on a blue screen tilting your neck position down. It not only affects your physical well-being but also creates impacts on mental wellness. The neck bone, when bent, becomes unable to balance the weight of the skull for which it is made. But this misalignment creates stress on the back, shoulders, and spine and also makes you look like the hump affecting your physical appearance. While this problem hasn’t gained serious attention so far, the program Forward Head Posture Fix in this review is made to concentrate and fix them.

Please read the review to the end to learn about Forward Head Posture Fix, how this program works, what it contains, and its pros and cons.

What is Forward Head Posture Fix?

Forward Head Posture Fix is a powerful online guide with a series of exercises that help you regain straight head posture. The set of algorithms was created by a fitness expert named Mike Westerdal, the founder of With the ten simple and effective exercises, the program holds the key to erect head posture and support body strength and vitality.

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Forward Head Posture Fix is a 15-minute strategy that can realign your muscles and make you strong and energetic. It is a sequential flow of 10 simple yet effective exercises made with expert skills. With this program, you can get the essential guide that helps you clearly understand the sequence and the video with instructions to execute them correctly. The program is simple and easy to understand and can be performed, and the only concern is that you need the commitment to do them regularly.

How Does the Forward Head Posture Fix Program Work?

Cause of Forward Head Posture:

Do you have an ugly hump on your back beneath the neck? When your head position is moved forward, your body is conditioned to hold the stress to hold the head straight. Hence, there is a build-up of bone or fat tissue to compensate for the spinal bone (C7 Vertebrae). Apart from affecting your physical appearance, this forward head posture (FHP) may also cause severe impacts like fatigue, pain, ligament damage, headache, migraines, insomnia, hormonal health, spine degeneration, trapped nerves, interrupted blood flow to the brain, vertigo, and more.

Forward Head Posture Fix complaints

The actual cause lies in the most vital muscle called STERNOCLEIDOMASTOID. It originates at the sternum in the breast, clavicle, or collarbone and ends in the skull (mastoid process). When this sternocleidomastoid muscle is properly positioned, the body is fixed and functions properly. It supports healthy lungs, hormones, thinking ability, better sleep, pain-free moves, and more. But the problem begins when it is misaligned. The imbalance between the head and the torso sends shock waves to this muscle, weakening it. It tilts the head forward and causes the illness mentioned above.

Working of Forward Head Posture Fix:

The Forward Head Posture Fix program contains a series of exercises that can open and release the neck. It also balances the muscles with proper exercise performance order. Doing them in the right order helps attain optimal results by targeting the right muscles. This is the right way to get your head posture back in the right place.

The Forward Head Posture Fix program contains the sequence of a leading kinesiologist, Rick Kaselj, MS. With his different techniques, you can gain the key to aligning the neck muscles. The instructional guide comprises a 15-minute exercise sequence, which can effectively fix the muscles in the right position.

Components in Forward Head Posture Fix Program

The Forward Head Posture Fix program is a series of exercises that helps to balance your muscles and make your head straight. When you buy this program, you will find the digital guide and video that can help you perform this sequential flow correctly for the best results.

Forward Head Posture Fix DVD Video

The sequence of Rick’s ten unique exercises is captured to fix the sternocleidomastoid muscle in the right position. The video has three sections and includes a visual demonstration of these postures with a detailed explanation that targets the right muscle.

  1. Coaching video– It explains about the exercises and their purpose. You will also learn how to do it correctly and how you will feel while doing that particular move.
  2. Follow-along design– This section helps you perform the movements simultaneously with the video for better performance.

 III. Exercise swaps – In this section, you can find the progression and regression of exercises that depend on what you need.

Forward Head Posture Fix Manual

Though the video is best enough to make the right moves, the manual here gives you a deeper understanding of the cause and purpose of each exercise. You will also learn more about the impacts of forward head posture, its long-lasting damages, and other problems associated with it.

The manual also covers the 15-minute solution in the sequential flow and how it can help switch your health from poor to best. Once you have learned all these strategies, you can start aligning your body in the correct position for better health and strength. The pictorial representation, simple language, and easy movements make the results incredible and beneficial.

Exercise Inside Forward Head Posture Fix Program:

To improve the neck muscles, the creator incorporates Rick’s powerful sequences. Some of them are below:

Muscle drills—To relieve pressure on your neck, it must be realigned. Hence, muscle re-education drills help return your head to the right position and lift the weight from the neck.

Breathing exercise—Relaxation is vital for all organs. Hence, breathing therapy here helps to release tension from the shoulders and neck, which can relax the muscles and maintain balance.

Mobility exercise: Your joints get locked and stuck when your head moves forward. Hence, these exercises help release those locks from joints and reduce stress on the spine.

Deep cervical flexor training – Improving the flexors helps relocate the head back to its normal position, restoring a healthy balance.

Self-massage – This massaging therapy helps to loosen up muscles and release trigger points.

Static stretching—These standard stretches help lengthen the shortened muscles. The right sequence for effective results is here.

Postural Strengthening—After realigning the positions, proper balance is necessary for healthy posture maintenance. Here are key points to sustain the results.

You can find the detailed instructions in the Forward Head Posture Fix program made through the legit purchase.

How to Use Forward Head Posture Fix System?

The Forward Head Posture Fix program takes 15 minutes a day. As said, this program comprises a SEQUENTIAL FLOW of exercise that might help you relocate your head from forward to straight line. For a better result, it is essential to follow proper manufacturer guidelines as per the manual.

You can use this program every morning after waking up or the night before bedtime. You can also do this before or after workout time and it is easy to fit in your daily routine. It is simple when performed as per the guidelines. If you are in physiotherapy treatment or have an injury, you can consult your physician before using this regimen for healthy results.

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Benefits of the Forward Head Posture Fix Program

Here are some advantages of indulging in the Forward Head Posture Fix program.

Fixes forward head posture: The exercises are effective because they can align the muscles in their position and support the head in the right position. Fixing the sternocleidomastoid muscle, the Forward Head Posture Fix program makes it straight and supports the overall body.

Improves appearance: Once after making the head position straight, your body can get rid of the hump created by bone or fat tissue to balance the weight. Hence, you can look straight and tall with a healthy and fit body shape that makes you look younger.

Supports health: Adjusting this position helps users reverse damages like body posture, standing firm, looking younger, overcoming pain, feeling strong, better movements, and more. It can also eliminate mental issues like fatigue, poor mood, improper sleep, and more.

Easy to use: The sequential flow or algorithm is presented in simple language and instructions. Video sections and brief guidelines, such as how to do it, how you will feel, and the timing for each, are also available. Thus, the performance is easy and effective.

Hormone balance—Getting back to the right posture helps with hormone balance. Studies have shown that being in the correct posture for two minutes increases testosterone by 20% and cortisol by 25%. Thus, it helps improve performance, mood, and body weight.

Boosts confidence—A study has proven that being in the right posture increases confidence by 92%. It not only creates a positive impression but also enhances confidence.

Lowers aging process and pain—By healing the joints and muscles, you can prevent joint degradation and imbalance. It helps combat the hunch that comes with age. Moreover, the pain caused by this also decreases.

Forward Head Posture Fix Reviews

What’s More?

  • The program helps users to support respiratory functions and blood flow.
  • It helps prevent headaches, migraines, and other pain in the shoulders.
  • Being in the right posture helps prevent belly fat and fits you into the best clothes.
  • The program includes legit purchase access with the best discounts.
  • There is a 100% risk-free policy ensuring your purchase is secure.


Drawbacks in Forward Head Posture Fix Program

The Forward Head Posture Fix program includes certain limitations:

  • You can get instant legit access only when you buy the program directly from the official website. Though it ensures legitimacy, access is limited.
  • Indulging in this program requires maximum commitment. Without regular practice, you may not attain the best results in regaining the right head posture.

Forward Head Posture Fix Program Customer Reviews & Expert Opinion

Would you like to know what the results will be? Here are some legit Forward Head Posture Fix user reviews and the expert recommendations reported for your reference.

Alli Kerr, Women’s Fitness Expert—Rick’s Forward Head Posture Fix program is the right tool for any woman or man struggling with head and neck issues. I used to recommend this for my clients who visit with chronic neck pain and discomfort. I use it on my clients, and they feel and express happiness with better results. It is also easy to learn and follow. Thanks, Rick, for this amazing method.

Mike Whitfield, Master Certified Trainer—As a trainer, I know how hard it is to implement powerful posture exercises. That’s why I opt for Rick’s method when it comes to posture improvement and mobility. I even recommend this to my clients and online visitors since it is a simple and effective solution. Doing this right helps with the best and fastest results.

User Review:

Glady John, Texas – My forward head posture is so bad that I feel like I am becoming a camel. It makes me feel bad that my dress won’t fit me as I find it in stores. My loved one feels as if I am getting into some nerve problem since my head keeps moving whenever I speak or do something. Fortunately, I have found this Forward Head Posture Fix program. Rick’s solution is the best; now, my head is returning to its normal position. Thanks to the Forward Head Posture Fix program.

You may find several customer experiences revealing positive results and leading training expert recommendations. The system is simple and potent for normalizing your head posture without any pain or expensive surgical treatments. There have been no side effects or negative complaints from Forward Head Posture Fix so far, ensuring the program’s success.

Forward Head Posture Fix Program Purchase and Pricing Policy

Do you struggle with the ugly testing neck? You can get this Forward Head Posture Fix program if you wish to halt your aging speed. Buying the legit program alone contains an effective sequence of exercises that can support you with incredible results. Hence, the creator helps you grab the actual program directly from the OFFICIAL WEBSITE. Making this purchase ensures that you get the original program.

To support his customers, the creator offers this incredible solution for just $9 as a limited-time deal. This exclusive discount is available only through the official website and cannot be found with scam access. Visit the official website, click the BUY NOW button, and get instant access.

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Forward Head Posture Fix Bonus Gifts

You will also receive some additional purchase benefits, along with instant access to the Forward Head Posture Fix manual and video sessions.

  1. Lower back pain lifestyle audit—To stay healthy and maintain the right posture, it is necessary to follow a proper lifestyle routine, especially for the neck and back. This bonus gift contains a video presentation that helps you identify the cause of problems and provides tips and suggestions to overcome them.
  2. Ten best natural sleep solutions—One of the major troubles with forward head posture is disrupted sleep. This guide contains practical solutions that can improve your night’s sleep. You may not need any sleeping pills or medication and still gain longer, deeper, and sound sleep, making your day refreshed and energetic.

Forward Head Posture Fix Program Guarantee:

If you don’t feel straight, tall, or energetic with the Forward Head Posture Fix program, you may not worry. The creator is confident in his program and offers a 100% 60-day Money-back guarantee. Since Rick’s sequential flow addresses the actual cause existing with muscles, the 15-minute program provides quick and effective results.

You can claim a prompt refund if you don’t find satisfying results even after using it for 60 days. Contact the customer support team and get back your invested money without hassles or questions asked. This hassle-free 60-day refund policy makes your Forward Head Posture Fix program purchase risk-free.

Final Thoughts – Forward Head Posture Fix Program Reviews

Forward Head Posture Fix is an excellent 15-minute sequence of exercises that helps you feel taller, firmer, and stronger. It makes your head straight and improves your appearance, making you feel youthful and sharper with overall body balance. You can try this program by spending a few minutes every day, and it helps you to attain a healthy and active life. There are no risks involved in this purchase, and you can find thousands of positive customer reviews that ensure its effectiveness.

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