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  • The Craft Cerveza Movement
    Diego Benitez of Progress Brewing is one of a handful of Latino brewers in Los Angeles County, a group breaking down the stereotype that American craft beer is something made by, and for, bearded white guys. And Progress is just one of the many places where Southern California’s massive Hispanic population is having an impact on craft beer.
  • Blood Orange @ The El Rey
    Fresh off the Outdoor stage at Coachella, Blood Orange performed to a sold out house at The El Rey Theatre on Monday night in support of their latest release Cupid Deluxe. All photos by Timothy Norris.

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Los Angeles Stories

  • DeSano Review: Neapolitan Pizza in East Hollywood

    To truly understand DeSano, the new Neapolitan pizza place in East Hollywood, you must first understand a different pizza restaurant in a different city. To truly understand DeSano, you must first understand Antico. Antico opened on a side street of a residential neighborhood in Atlanta in 2009. Run by a...
  • Tom Hiddleston Wants to Play a Normal Guy

    Tom Hiddleston can pull off extreme looks. In The Avengers, he strutted around in Loki's 2-foot-tall, horned helmet. In Midnight in Paris, he finessed F. Scott Fitzgerald's prim finger waves. And in his latest, Jim Jarmusch's vampire romance, Only Lovers Left Alive, Hiddleston lounges bare-chested in velvet-cuffed robes. The only...
  • Crystabel Funes' Fairy Tale Turned to Tragedy 9

    Crystabel Funes is parked outside the house on Woodland View Drive, letting the memories return. It's a gorgeous house — a master bedroom over a two-car garage, a cavernous living area under a sloped roof, a jacuzzi — much nicer than any place she had lived before. Yet Jimmy made...
  • Time to Close the Book on the Tupac and Biggie Murders? 6

    Suge Knight's former head of security says yes
  • A Graffiti Show, Nixed 7

    On Wednesday, Jan. 22, artist and curator Galo "Make" Canote stood outside Muzeo, downtown Anaheim's art museum. Inside sat pieces of bold graphic art, waiting to be hung. Also waiting inside were the museum's executive director and a detective from the Anaheim Police Department's gang division. Canote took a deep...
  • Jim Jarmusch's Vampire Movie May Be His Best

    The vampires that walk among us — and they do — are not the Twilight kind, or the True Blood kind, or even the Buffy kind. In the world of Jim Jarmusch's Only Lovers Left Alive, the director's most emotionally direct film since Dead Man and maybe his finest, period,...
  • Fake Autographs and the Testing Racket: Readers Write

    As Jake Rossen reported in a March 28 cover story, the so-called experts "authenticating" celebrity autographs are often full of shit ("Certifiable"). Readers were grateful for the information. Writes Korey Henderson of Inglewood, "Thank you for the insightful article about autograph authenticators. I am in the process of...
  • Nicolas Cage Captures Rural Texas' Hardships in Joe

    It's been 5 million years since humanity hauled itself from the swamp, and according to Joe director David Gordon Green, we're devolving back into muck. While the stoners of Green's Pineapple Express regressed from men to boys after a few puffs of weed, this grimly beautiful drama starring Nicolas Cage...

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    Best Taco Truck

    Mariscos Jalisco

    Rather than offering up a bulging menu of pork, beef, chicken and tilapia, Raul Ortega does one thing with absolute integrity at his Mariscos Jalisco truck parked on Olympic Boulevard: tacos dorados de camarón. A secret blend of vegetables, fresh shrimp and assorted spices is packed inside a corn tortilla...

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