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Los Angeles Stories

  • Gay Mariachis and "20 Best Pop Songs": Readers Respond

    Outing the Gay Mariachis The prevailing reaction to Abel Salas' online piece, "L.A.'s Only All-Gay Mariachi Band," a profile of Mariachi Arcoiris de Los Angeles, was summed up by reader Rigo Martinez Jr., who asked: "So what! Do they sound good?" But a larger debate unfolded amidst the massive reader...
  • Ten Highly Anticipated Films to Look for in 2015

    Jauja Revered Argentine filmmaker Lisandro Alonso returns after 2008's exquisite Liverpool with Jauja, his most astonishing film yet. While no less oblique than its predecessors, Jauja finds Alonso working for the first time with an international star, Viggo Mortensen, an intriguing wrinkle in Alonso's minimalist approach. Mortensen plays a Danish...
  • Spall Unearths the Man Beneath Gruff Mr. Turner

    If you've ever loved a terrible person, Mike Leigh's quietly sensational Mr. Turner — a biopic, of sorts, covering the last 25 years of the life of the great 19th-century British painter J.M.W. Turner — is the movie for you. In his seascapes and landscapes, Turner found the perfect visual...
  • Quvenzhané Wallis Might Make You Care About Annie

    The original Broadway Annie was a kiddie musical that wasn't for kids. It was a period piece about the Great Depression — both a hooray for Warbucksian success and an elbow-jab making clear that rich folks need to share — with a detour into a Hooverville and a key cameo...
  • He Brought Down the Wrong Empire: Seth Rogen's The Interview Won't Show in Theaters

    Editor's Note: Sony has officially canceled the theatrical release of The Interview following terrorist threats against theaters, and the announcement that several major theater chains had opted not to exhibit the film. The following review was written before Sony pulled The Interview — and stands as a reminder that world-shaking...
  • The 10 Best TV Shows of 2014

    TV continued to unmoor from its origins and transform into something else this year. No longer tethered to a specific appliance, a particular kind of storytelling or even commercial concerns, "television" now feels like an increasingly obsolete word. But that's a discussion for another time, for we've come to celebrate...
  • P.T. Anderson Loses Self-Importance for Inherent Vice

    Paul Thomas Anderson was making serious movies long before he started making "serious" movies, ponderous works of certified art such as There Will Be Blood and The Master. His earliest pictures, like Hard Eight and Boogie Nights, and even the later Magnolia, were wily, imperfect, vibrating with life like yeast...
  • Fighting DWP and Best Chinese Spots: Readers Respond

    Class Act(ion) vs. DWP Jessica P. Ogilvie's story of households who battled DWP bills opened the floodgates to thoughtful residents in a fighting mood. HwoodCa warns, "Let's remember we elected the mayor to help the DWP rip off as many people as possible while pretending not to be in DWP's...

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