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Los Angeles Stories

  • Gangs and Gumps: Readers Respond

    Gangs of L.A. Readers were riveted by Sam Quinones' tale of Pancho Real, a Glassell Park crime lord who testified against his family and former partners ("Killer Turned Snitch," Sept. 5). But Franky Lamouche wasn't buying Quinones' description of Real's former stomping grounds: "Quinones calls Drew Street 'neglected.' I did...
  • Don't Watch That, Watch This: Geek Cinema Selfie Party

    What's fascinating, new and neglected across all major video platforms. Among other things, cinema has always been a ready-made self-eulogizer — Hollywood was making two-reeler silent comedies about the craft of moviemaking before the viewing public even knew what it entailed, and documentaries about famous and forgotten threads of film...
  • How Kevin Smith Got Young

    The indie veteran and podcast pro on Tusk — and what will finally shut him up
  • In The Identical, Elvis Lives — and His Twin Does, Too

    The Identical is Elvis slash fiction that could have been written by a spinster church organist. Its premise is intriguing: What if Jesse Presley, Elvis' twin brother who was stillborn at birth, was in fact secretly given to a traveling minister (Ray Liotta) and his infertile wife (Ashley Judd)? What...
  • Electronic Music Pioneer Was Decades Ahead of His Time 7

    When it comes to the life of Bruce Haack, separating truth from fiction is not easy. The groundbreaking electronic music composer and inventor is said to have taught himself to play piano by age 3. By 8, he apparently was escaping his abusive mother's wrath by sneaking off to Indian...
  • Why We Love The Simpsons' Music So Much

    Twenty-five years ago, a family of strangely coiffed, yellow cartoon characters scurried home to gather in front of their TV for the first time. The Simpsons has since become an animated thread in the fabric of American pop culture — and, starting from the angelic chord and cascading harp of...
  • Drew Street Killer Faces Mexican Mafia Bounty 9

    Francisco Real killed people. He smuggled illegal immigrants. He sold drugs and collected taxes for the Mexican Mafia. He ran a gang and family criminal enterprise that made his street in Glassell Park one of the most dangerous in Los Angeles. But L.A. being the city of reinvention, last week...
  • Mental Health and Free Speech: Readers Write

    The Case for Treatment Chris Walker's story about the county's new jail plan and the needs of mentally ill offenders generated discussion last week ("A $2 Billion Blunder," Aug. 29). Writes a sarcastic Seriousbus, "L.A. County has a policy for dealing with homeless people, called 'Housing First.' Now we know...

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    Best Club for People Who Don't Like Clubs

    Funky Sole

    What's not to like about long-running soul dance party Funky Sole?

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