It’s official! Bad Bunny, Frank Ocean, and Blackpink will grace the stage on our home turf in — as always — Indio, CA this April for Coachella 2023. Yes, fine, Coachella happens annually but since when did we get tired of donning our Coachella-specific outfits — more importantly, when did we shy away from partying and watching our favorite artists perform? 

While we don’t “stan” gatekeepers, we think it’s still better that you know what needs to be known about this festival!

How did Coachella start?

If you have parents who were alive in the 70s-80s, chances are, you’ve heard them talk about “Woodstock” at some point. Woodstock’s golden age was booming around those years but when promoters tried to revive it, it simply just wasn’t the same. So much so, that the 1999 resurrection of the festival was considered to be a disaster.

Only a few months after the Woodstock “disaster” of 1999 occurred, Paul Tollett and Rick van Santen — two promoters — came up with an idea that they should host a festival headlined by artists who personify actual artistry and not because they were popular or influential. The latter wanted to showcase punk and alternative music as the embodiment of Coachella; these genres were at their peak that time. Long story short, it wasn’t as successful as it was; since 1999 was only the year of Coachaella’s inception — it’s far from what the festival is like now!

The first Coachella took place in the Empire Polo Club. Needless to say, it was a “fail” compared to today’s standards. But thanks to promotions from celebrities and their loyal indie fans, Coachella eventually grew and grew. And boy, did they grow! Just last 2022, about 200,000 attendees got their Coachella festivity on!

What does “Coachella” even mean?

“Coachella” is a household name and they aren’t even a person! We’ll keep Coachella’s etymology short because as profound as we want the word to be, it’s mainly just because of where the festival is held — Coachella Valley in Indio, California; and the full title of the few-day event is called “Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.”

“Never been — but my friends want to check it out. What’s it like?”

This may sound like a no-brainer but it’s a matter of fact that Coachella events are crowded, humid, and noisy — but this isn’t to say that Coachella isn’t fun — because the majority can attest to how it’s quite the opposite! (Why else would people keep coming back to this event year after year?) That said — succinctly, attending Coachella is one helluva fun activity to take part in.

But you have to make sure you come prepared. We got you covered!

“OK. I’m nervous and excited. What do I bring to Coachella?”

“Rain or shine” is applicable to many events — but not in Cali! Golden State natives like to go above and beyond, amirite?

The odd weathers and serious calamities we’re going through right now makes everyone’s common sense conclude that (knock on wood) Coachella 2023 will be a breezy kind of festival — but it most probably won’t be. (We’re not known for our sun-kissed skin for nothing!) Based on previous events, here’s what LA Weekly thinks you should bring.

  • Water

Yes! Agua! You need H2O to keep your thirstiness at bay. (Pun may or may not be intended!)

  • Snacks

Because you’re not the only snack to bless Indio this year. Fitting into your Coachella outfit is cute and all, but not if you’re losing consciousness just to look cuter!

  • Comfy Clothing

Please believe us when we tell you that we just want you to be comfortable and well-ventilated — as IG and Snap-worthy your lewk is, it can possibly amount to nothing if you’re on the verge of being resuscitated!

“So, I look good but I’m hangry AF. Where’s the taco stand?”

C’mon. You didn’t think that the Latino community we share a special bond with would let you down like that, did you? Coachella is already akin to a paraiso, so it’s “normal” to be treated like royalty there — they got us their special tacos, burritos, and quesadillas!

Moreover, because California is a melting pot of cultures, it’s natural and common to see Asian, Arabic, and Pacific Islanders’ influences, it’s almost impossible to not encounter Hawaiian, Japanese, and a few European dishes in Coachella — have at it with those international burgers, taste the Golden State’s take on the Micronesian take on garlic butter shrimps, or get all-American with the plethora of Buffalo wings you can get your hands on!

Some other important (and life-saving) tips:

Attending Coachella should be a memorable experience for you and your friends. Speaking of friends, make sure that you keep in touch with them at all times — even if you’ll only be gone for a bathroom break! Don’t let your cellphone battery percentage be an excuse — bring a portable charger to prevent losing communication with your pals. As always, safety first!

Don’t sell drugs and don’t buy drugs. We cannot stress this enough! We worship our green goddess just as much as you do but if your goodies are not from a trustworthy dispensary, maybe you should probably skip that 420 endeavor. And no, nope, nah, niet, nein, don’t even bother trying the harder and illegal kinds.

Bring a condom. What do you expect? Of course Coachella has hot people walking around waiting for you to slide into their DMs. But safe sex is (and will always be) the best sex.

Lastly, regardless if you’re a man or a woman, watch your drink — and watch your friends’ drinks. Be that pal!


Californians are living large! You didn’t think that we’d settle for anything less than having Frank Ocean as this year’s headline for Coachella 2023, did you? But to our fellow Angelenos (and neighbors), we need you to look at these guidelines and assess how you think you can enjoy Coachella as well as how you can modify your lifestyle (for a day or few) to suit this west coast custom.


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