Best Wales OnlyFans Accounts to Follow

Best Wales OnlyFans LAWThe Welsh countryside is known for its sprawling landscape, beautiful beaches, long history—and the Celtic goddesses bearing all on the best Wales OnlyFans accounts of 2023. No need to go searching through old tomes buried in the dungeon of a castle for these beauties! We’ve compiled a list of the top Wales OnlyFans girls who are getting wet waiting for you to subscribe so they can show you just how wild they can get. 

Wales OnlyFans accounts hail from everywhere around Wales, from Cardiff to Swansea to Newport to Bangor, boldly brandishing their Welsh pride with lots of salacious pics and videos where they give you the exact content you want. Just try keeping your eyes in your head.

Best Wales OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best Wales OnlyFans Models Accounts


Best 10 Wales OnlyFans

#1. Natasha Davies — Naughtiest Little Lady

@arisayvora LAW


  • Naughty chats
  • Custom requests
  • DMs included

Where to follow:

About Natasha Davies:

Natasha Davies is a down-to-earth, laid back, girl-next-door type—until you need her to be a nasty freak in the sheets. This is why we give Natasha the Best All-Around Wales OnlyFans account of 2023. Her supple curves and wistful smirk belie a smoldering vixen ready to take everything you have to give. She’ll do just about anything, as long as you ask nicely. 

Natasha’s regular posting includes DMs, but if you want to get extra naughty, make sure you shell out because she’s worth it. Her entire library of content is full of sweet, coquettish glances right alongside videos of her getting railed in a sundress and is immediately available once you subscribe. Trust us, not adding Natasha to your favorites list is a mistake you don’t want to make. 


#2. Lowri Rose — Best Tattooed Bimbo

@lowrirose LAW


  • Bisexual content
  • Squirting
  • Livestreams

Where to follow:

About Ruby:

One of the most alluring things about Lowri Rose is the perfect presentation of seeming opposites: her angelic face, pouty lips, and penchant for delicate lingerie make her look sweet, while her tattoos show off exactly how much of a bad girl she is. A self-proclaimed bimbo (“bimbo slut,” to be exact), Lowri Rose loves boys and girls in her bed and always replies to everyone who subscribes. 

Treat yourself to her pussy pics, and be sure to stick around for when she squirts going solo and doing anal. Fans who pay a bit extra get sexting priviledges with filthy mouth Lowri—as well as custom content to make all your most lurid dreams cum true. And she regularly updates her socials with new tatts!


#3. Cardiff Kelly — Hottest MILF in Cardiff

@cardiffkelly LAW


  • Outdoors fun
  • Loves anal
  • Hotwife

Where to follow:

About Cardiff Kelly:

Cardiff Kelly has over 800 pics and vids showing off every single reason she deserves the title of Best MILF Wales OnlyFans 2023. This magnetic MILF loves anal—especially when its outdoors. She’s got a pool in her backyard and she’s’ not afraid to use it! That’s right—Kelly knows it drives her neighbors WILD (because who doesn’t enjoy a little voyeurism now and again?). 

Kelly is a hot wife who loves the fact that her husband gets off on watching her fuck other guys. Cute Cardiff Kelly knows how to spread the fun around and make sure everyone has a spankin’ good time. Don’t forget to follow her Twitter account, where she just might ask you for a cum tribute. There’s no one quite like Wales’s hottest hot wife, the unforgettable Cardiff Kelly.


#4. Antonia 18 — Filthiest Roleplay



  • Costumes
  • Private DMs
  • Custom requests

Where to follow:

About Antonia 18:

Antonia 18 wins best costume OnlyFans of 2023 because of her dedication to donning the perfect costume and filling our every desire. Antonia is the gift that keeps on giving. How sweet! She likes to open a lot of things, but she especially enjoys opening her DMs to those willing to tip a bit more. Her expert sexting services are offered at tiered levels. Folks who are feeling extra generous are invited to indulge in the full girlfriend experience for an entire week. 

When luscious Antonia is your girl, you can ask her to do anything you want, wearing anything you like. This beauty queen deserves an Oscar for her role as your submissive servant, the likes of which you’ve never seen on OnlyFans. You won’t regret the extra money you spend on her wishlist, especially when she uses your outfit in the next video. There’s only one way to subscribe, and that’s to hit the button and do it.


#5. Olivia Ampu_tease — Most Interactive

@ampu tease LAW


  • Replies to fans
  • Double D’s
  • Advocate

Where to follow:


About Olivia Ampu-tease:

Olivia is a hot-as-hell OnlyFans account creator from South Wales, sporting one leg and a powerful pair of double D’s. She wins the Best Fans Interaction because of the fact that most days, subscribers can find her answering DMs and posting request replies all day long. She’s open and honest, which leads to the more intimate experience of seeing her touch herself or maybe use some of your favorite toys. 

Her openness also creates an inviting space for her advocacy work, like talking to her fans about disability rights and sex work. Big-breasted Olivia is doing her part to educate the horny masses while keeping it interesting with a few well-timed moans, and we promise you won’t regret subscribing to her OnlyFans and showering yourself in all the knowledge she has to offer. 


#6. Aimée Louise — Wales’s Finest Slut

@aimeelouisesw LAW


  • Foot fetish
  • Anal
  • Panty stuffing

Where to follow:

About Aimée Louise:

Aimée Louise is here to tease! Aimee is our curviest babe of 2023, hands down. Her soft slopes are the perfect place to spread your hands and give a tight squeeze. From foot fetish to amazing anal and passionate panty-stuffing, Aimée knows how to entertain. This Welsh wild woman is happy to do it all, and she’s not afraid to explore the depths of what the body is willing and ready to take. 

Her anal content (accompanied by a sexy ass tattoo that’ll make your mouth water) is the stuff legends are made of. Check out her DM packages for spicy extras like dick ratings. Honestly, when you take a look at eveything Aimee gives up for you to get off. One taste of her gorgeous curves wrapped in sexy lingerie, and you’ll be trailing her luscious tail until the sun rises.


#7. Ria Rose — Most Delectable Hotwife

@ria rose LAW


  • Shaved pussy
  • Pierced nipples
  • Contests

Where to follow:

About Ria Rose:

Add Miss Ria to your list of lewd nude OnlyFans in Wales of 2023. This delectable hotwife takes the cake with her wet pussy that inspires blind devotion in every person who follows her. She has a free page if you want to get acquainted, but we doubt you’ll sty there long—the VIP treatment on her main is where you get to see Ria Rose have tons of fun with all her friends, both boys and girls. 

Watch her get a good strap-on pegging from her gal pals or see luscious tongue suck cocks dry. Panty ripping, baths, and her silky smooth peach are the icing on top that earn beautiful Ria Rose the title of most delectable hotwife. 


#8. Hannah Veillet — Wettest Squirt in Wales

@hannahveillet LAW


  • Thousands of posts
  • HD and 4K pics and vids
  • No PPV

Where to follow:

About Hannah Veillet:

Hannah Veillet is one of the best squirters OnlyFans has ever seen. She lives alone in the countryside of South Wales, and has nothing to occupy her time but figuring out the slipperiest ways to get herself squirting like a geyser. But the Wettest Squirt in Wales loves a good challenge, so expect to see a revolving cast of Miss Veillet’s nearest and dearest as she fights to hold her title. You gotta subscribe to see if she prevails because we won’t be telling secrets here. 

Besides squirting, Hannah loves interacting with her fans on the reg. She treats her subscribers to wall posts and sends special private messages to those who give her what she’s worth. With no PPV content, high-quality HD and 4K pics, and juicy vids of her squirting prowess, hitting that button is the best thing you’ll do all week. 

#9. Scarlett Rose — Biggest Boobs


  • Big lips
  • Huge naturals
  • Customs and collabs

Where to follow:

About Scarlett Rose:


If you’re a fan of huge naturals (and who isn’t), then Scarlett Rose has some big surprises waiting for you. Her 34E tits stir up a commotion whether she’s going solo with her masturbation vids or getting her slick pink kayak stroked to completion. Of course, there’s nothing like a little anal play to give herself a good squirt. Scarlett Rose is very responsive and loves taking ideas for custom content. While this big-breasted vixen loves pleasing herself, she also knows how to play nice and enjoys collaborating with other OnlyFans models for a big party time. 

Scarlett makes a point to be as attentive as possible to her wonderful fans, so take a moment to make her day and shoot her a DM. If you appreciate spicy extras and dessert before dinner, hit up pretty little Scarlett for one-on-one video calls, sexting with live pics, and or to get your dick rated.

#10. AJ — Brattiest Bisexual Babe

@bi.brat LAW


  • Cute and nerdy
  • Bratty
  • Custom content

Where to follow:

About AJ:

Lots of OnlyFans accounts in Wales have bisexual content, but none deliver with such grace and aplomb as JAJ the Bi Brat. AJ takes a cute and nerdy persona to its logical conclusion as a saucy minx who likes to give a little snark to anyone who wants to dominate her. Boys? Girls? With AJ, you get both. She samples from two tasty plates in a way that feels intimate, interactive, and real. 

The bi babes in AJ’s bed try to keep up with her wit as she teases them to completion and lets them know who’s boss. This nerdy hottie also loves making custom content, and the only place you can find her antics is on OnlyFans. Make sure to subscribe to the Brattiest Bisexual Babe on OnlyFans in Wales.



Who are the top OnlyFans in Wales in 2023?

Wales is home to some of the finest creators OnlyFans has ever seen, and if you love British hotties with unbelievable bodies, you’ve come to the right place. The top OnlyFans in Wales are spicy-sweet Natasha Davies, the island’s loveliest tattooed Bimbo, Lowri Rose, and milky MILF Cardiff Kelly. With these three top creators, the variety you get is truly unmatched. 

But that’s not to say the rest of our list isn’t worth hitting that subscribe button. Antonia 18, Olivia Ampu_tease, and slutty Aimée Louise know how to deliver quality content that keeps you coming back for more. Ria Rose sets the table with a smorgasbord of smutty delights, and Hannah Veillet is on-call with something wet in case your throat gets dry from all the heat. Scarlett Rose and AJ are the cherry on top of this creamy Welsh sundae. 

What do the best Wales OnlyFans creators make?

How much the best Wales OnlyFans creators in 2023 make is, for the most part, kept under wraps. Afterall, you don’t kiss and tell! Tip top creators—the cream of the crop, the best of the best, can clock around $10,000 per month. Really! We had to pick our jaw off the floor, too. 

Most OnlyFans creators aren’t making that much, though. Around $180 per month is typical for many creators, although we can’t stress enough that OnlyFans generally keeps these statistics to themselves and it’s hard to say how much any given creator makes unless he or she is transparent about their earnings.  

Which of the best OnlyFans Wales creators shouldn’t be missed?

There are plenty of the best OnlyFans in Wales to follow, but only a few who you can’t afford to miss. Natasha Davies is our number one pick for all-around good girl. She’s better than your favorite dessert—and zero-calorie to boot! Give her a follow for unbeatable content that covers the spectrum from naughty to nice. This yummy hottie knows how to get creative and deliver content that’ll make your spine tingle. 

Need content that quinches your thirst? Try Hannah Veillet, owner of the Wales’s Wettest Squirt title. She’s a a fountain of delights, a refreshing oasis—but don’t worry, this juicy babe is anything but a mirage. Hannah offers tons of content to keep you hydrated and healthy during long, hot days when all you need is a squirt of something tasty. 

How do I grow my own Wales OnlyFans account?

There’s no magic pill to help you grow your OnlyFans account (but if you find one, let us know, will ya?). The most important part of having an OnlyFans account is to focus it around doing what you love. Do cosplay, costumes, and monster dildos tickle your fancy? Or maybe you’re into anal play and creampies. Decide what type of content you want to bring to the world and go for it! If you enjoy what you do, it’ll be a lot easier to post quality content that your fans eat up with rabid frenzy.

Once you know what type of content you want to post, consider moving your presence to other social media sites. This will help you expand your smutty empire across the world wide web, thusly gaining you more followers to subscribe to your page and send you rewards for being such a babe. 

How will I be paid for my Wales OnlyFans account?

Subscriptions, pay-per-view, tips, and live-streaming are all ways you can earn money with your OnlyFans account. Most creators take advantage of all the options available, but it’s up to you how you want to monetize your content. Display teaser pics and videos for free to entice fans to pay for your more revealing content. You can also set up a selection of extras, like dick ratings, the girlfriend experience, or custom content and charge fees for each.

The way you access money on OnlyFans is actually pretty simple. Here’s how it works—OnlyFans takes a 20% fee off the top of what you earn, and the rest is deposited in an account. It can take a few days for the money to transfer into your account, but once it does, you’re free to start spending. Easy peasy lemon sqeezy! 

Best Wales OnlyFans in Conclusion

Now that you’ve had a taste of the goddesses of Wales, we hope you’ll show these beauties the appreciation they deserve. From thirsty sluts to chatty cuties, the best Wales OnlyFans accounts of 2023 have got what it takes to tame your dragon. If you hop on board with one of these Welsh wonders, the weather won’t be the only thing getting wet! 

Wales OnlyFans creators bring Old World charm to the platform, with a wealth of wet and wild pics and videos to explore. If you’re looking for a girl you’ll never forget, it’s as simple as saying haia to one of these hungry Welsh hotties!


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