Not every sex session will be mind-blowing! And if an uneventful sexy time is going to be the case, there’s no shame in wanting to just skip it. However, that is the case for some Americans — only 36% of the ones polled by OnePoll (that LELO commissioned) rated their sex life as “excellent.”

So, what do some Americans do to keep things spicy in the bedroom?

How important is it to have a healthy sex life?

Most of us already know — and even experts agree — that a great sex life plays an important role in a relationship. It’s widely believed that when a couple makes time for intimacy, it can lower stress levels and blood pressure, it can lead to better communication with their partner, and can even decrease the chances of getting a divorce. Unfortunately, among the 5,000 Americans that were surveyed, only 36% ranked their sex life as exceptional.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re miserable either. In a statement by Luka Matutinovic (Chief Marketing Officer of LELO), they stated, “We recognize that relationships are highly individualized and can vary widely across different regions and cultures,” they added that “There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to love and pleasure, as every couple has its own unique set of needs and desires. Whether seeking a traditional monogamous partnership or exploring alternative forms of intimacy, everyone should be free to express themselves and pursue their version of happiness.”

Still, many seek a better sex life — and it’s not outlandish or selfish to want that. After all, sexual excitement can wane off. When it does, climax can become difficult to achieve.

How do people stay adventurous then?

Most people have fantasies, fetishes, and kinks. But even without those types of mental imagery, a person’s physical body is the one that needs to be stimulated — in some instances, a person needs both!


Some people keep it sexy in the bedroom by role-playing as a different profession or person — many of us have seen the nurse, fireman, French maid, and cheerleader stereotypes. But, of course, role-playing isn’t limited to these uniforms and jobs. It still varies per person and couples what their preferred enactment will be.

Moreover, it’s not just different careers that some sexual partners impersonate. Even with the “hierarchy” or current roles in the relationship, they also sometimes play an assortment of characters. BDSM, for instance, oftentimes involves role play where one is “dominant” and one is the “submissive” person — this kink isn’t as taboo as it was. Not only is it a popular porn search, but 11% of those who were surveyed said their role play includes having a “dom” and a “sub.”

Dirty talk

The majority of the sexually-active people like to tease. And many sure love to be teased as well. That’s why talking dirty remains a common way of keeping and getting things risqué with their partner — it’s also practically effortless to do! 20% of the ones polled said that they talk dirty with their partner.

Talking dirty to him or her shouldn’t be awkward — it’s a great way to communicate and compliment your partner.

Sex toys

The human body can only do so much. That’s why pleasuring your partner through the use of a device shouldn’t be embarrassing or demeaning. Why is the prostate so far up there anyway? And why is the G-spot so hard to find? What’s becoming increasingly acceptable, fortunately, is that sex toys aren’t a “big no-no” among couples that much anymore.

In fact, 63% of the people who were asked said that they use adult toys in the bedroom when getting it on with their partner — with 16% saying that they use vibrating underwear; 15% said they use vibrating toys, and 14% of them use sex swings.


A survey that was initiated by LELO surmises that almost two-thirds of Americans don’t think they have an “excellent” sex life. While this isn’t to say that they’re disgruntled with theirs, we can’t guarantee that the rest of the satisfied ones are having orgasmic sex 100% of the time either. Fortunately, there are ways to innovate your sex life — because we already know that hot sex is significant in a relationship.

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