Sexy talk may not be openly discussed, but it’s something that’s commonly done by romantic couples and sexual partners — before, during, and even after sexy time! If you have a man that you want to turn on, you can talk dirty to him and let him know you’re in the mood for some fun — or you can just do it to tease him.

Here’s how.

3 Things to Know When You Talk Dirty to Him

Find out what turns him on.

If you know that a man is already into you (or your body), chances are, it won’t be that difficult to turn him on by talking dirty to him. However, not every man is into that. Try to see first if he likes that. You can ask him if he’s into it or you can just go straight for the sexy talk.

Some men like to be teased — they get aroused when you’re coy about it. If the man you want to talk dirty to is like that, you can start by, say, texting him something like, “I’m already in bed but I can’t sleep because I want you here beside me.” Others, however, prefer that you get straight to the point. If he’s the latter, then you can tell him that he needs to get in bed with you ASAP because you need some “loving.”

Show him what he’s missing!

Not all men will get the hint that you’re in the mood to do something naughty with them — as there’s a common saying that “men are visual creatures” (albeit debated). Regardless, a sexy picture along with some naughty caption will do the trick (most of the time) if you’re sexting him. However, if you’re uncomfortable sending sexy pictures, you can simply just let him know that he’s missing out on the opportunity to get raunchy with you.

You can tell a man that you’re wearing the sexy pair of underwear that he likes you wearing, or that you styled your hair nicely (and he has permission to mess up your hairdo), or you’re in the mood to give him a massage — and, oh, only if he was available!

If you’re not sexting him and you’re with him in person, face-to-face dirty talk doesn’t have to be awkward to engage in. You can tell him that you’re going to take a shower and he can come with you if he wishes or that you want him to help you take off your dress.

If you’re already past the awkward phase, then you can just be upfront and tell him that you’re ready for a good climax and that the “door” is open should he wish to listen or watch you when that happens — with his help, of course!

Remind him that you can be naughty and nice.

The need to feel sexy isn’t a one-way street. Now that you know the “power” you hold — and that you have the ability to turn him on (if you hit the right linguistic spot), it’s now your turn to make him feel like a sexy stud. Think about what you find sexy about him; if it’s how he looks on certain occasions or if it’s something that he does. Though, it can also be both. Either way, it’s a dirty-talk topic you can start with!

If it’s something that he does to you in bed, remind him how much you’re missing it — and how much you need his help to achieve the big “O”. If you have fond memories of a location where you guys did it before, you can tell him that you’d love to do it again there — or that you’d love to do the same things you did there. If it’s his physical attributes that you find sexy, you can let him know that you want to see him wearing or looking like that again.

Be sincere with what you say you like best about him — as it will not only be weird if he starts flaunting something you don’t find to be too special, but it will also give him a false sense of confidence.

With This in Mind…

Talking dirty doesn’t have to be sexual in nature all the time. Sometimes, sexy talk can just be a form of banter; and it’s one way to be intimate or connect with a person — but you can expect that there’s a huge chance that it will go “there.” If you’re not sure how to talk dirty to him, you can gauge what he wants by asking him directly or by finding out if he’s into reminding him what he’s missing out on or if it’s what you’re missing about him. Lastly, talking dirty is only awkward if you make it awkward — talk dirty with confidence! Because confidence is sexy.

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