Words are powerful tools. Sometimes, they’re so powerful that they can make a woman hop on the bed with you — if you choose to use the right words, of course! If you know how to talk dirty to her the way she’d be turned on, you’ll not only learn more about what she likes done to her, but you’ll also find out more about what she’d love to do to you — it’s a win-win situation!

But how should dirty talk go? Find out.

How to Talk Dirty to Her Without Making It Awkward

Is she even into dirty talk? Find out first!

There are countless ways to turn a woman on — but not every one of them enjoys being talked dirty to! Sure, it can be unnatural to blatantly ask “Hey babe. Are you into dirty talk?” but you can ask just that. However, if a question that direct can make things awkward for you and your partner, you can try a more subtle approach. You can go for, say, something like, “I’m laying in bed right now and it made me think of you.” — try being romantic first before becoming erotic.

If the conversation doesn’t seem to be going near the naughty, it may be because she’s not in the mood, she isn’t getting the hint, or she’s not into being talked dirty to. And if dirty talk isn’t for her, then you’re going to have to just accept it — and find other ways to turn her on instead.

Don’t rush in!

Talking dirty to her should also have its version of foreplay. Because who enjoys going straight to actual sex right away? While it can sometimes be hot for a woman to randomly receive an “I’m so turned on right now” text, it can potentially get weird if all she will keep receiving are texts of that sort — especially if you’re sexting.

The goal of sexting with her is to get her turned on. And just like actual sex, you have to make sure she gets stimulated first (and that you’ll be patient enough until she gets there) so you can give her the big “O”. Or, in this case, the sexting version of it where you’ll make things irresistible for her. Regardless, it’s never fun for her when you don’t wait for her!

Tell her what you plan on doing to her.

Most — if not, ALL women have insecurities. Thus, there are simply going to be times when she won’t feel sexy about herself. However, a woman who feels confident in her body can be pleased better and easier. And there are times when you just have to help her feel that! After all, it’s so much sexier when she’s equally as passionate about sex just as much as you are!

That said, one way to get her animal side or sultry seductress side out, you can talk dirty to her by telling her your favorite things about her — but make it raunchy. Do you like how her hair gets messy when you’re in the middle of it? Tell her that. Is it her amazing pair of knockers that you miss? Remind her how great it feels on your palms! Or is it the irresistible feeling of the, ahem, “WAP of hers? Let her know how much you love (or hate) that she makes it difficult for you to resist climax because of it!

However, it shouldn’t be all about the actual deed itself. Because sometimes, it’s your attention to detail that can turn her on. She may not think that you notice her sexy pair of underwear, but prove to her that she couldn’t be any more wrong! Tell her how much you love it when she wears those.

Let her know what she’s missing out on!

Over the years, it’s been a topic on the internet how guys can sometimes be unaware of social cues — d*ck pics (especially unsolicited ones) are not sexy for most women; even the state of Texas made it illegal for guys to send unwarranted ones!

It probably goes without saying that a pic of a man’s package isn’t the only way to a woman’s heart or lady bits — because it’s not the only thing about a man that turns women on. If you already know your gal well enough, she might’ve already complimented a thing or two about you before — and if you want to take it to a sexual level, let her know what she’s missing out on by reminding her of that supposed sexy thing about you.

If she’s into your biceps, tell her how strong it’s gotten since — and how much easier it’ll be for you to lift her; perhaps on the table? To the bed? Or just around your arms! If she likes your scruff, tease her by telling her how much she can touch and play with your beard that she oh, so loves! If she loves your thighs, let her know it’s strong enough to support her when…you know — you get the point!

Let’s Review!

Talking dirty is a form of literary libido-stimulators! And if you’re sexting her, it’s one way to let her know that you’re DTF — and to find out if she is as well. Knowing how to talk dirty to her is a simple yet very erotic approach to getting action in the near future — or ASAP! But make sure she’s comfortable with it first. Once you know that she’s into it, be patient, be interactive, and be considerate.

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