More than Spiritual Awareness: Authentic Stories and Relatability of the Finding Faith Podcast

For some, a profound connection with God stems from the values taught in childhood or being brought up in faith. For others, it’s a long, complex journey filled with destructive experiences and times of bleakness that eventually lead to finding faith. Michael Ciullo, founder of Nsight Health and multiple other companies and successful entrepreneur, found the way to God in his early 30s, forming a connection that changed and enriched his life beyond expectations. Alongside his wife, Angelika Ciullo, Michael is now a co-host of the Finding Faith podcast, which illuminates matters of faith and religion in a relatable way.

His entrepreneurial story, from having no college education and no healthcare background to establishing a thriving remote monitoring healthcare firm, illustrates Michael’s unwavering determination and passion. Now, a successful and prosperous business owner, Michael went through a severe drug addiction in his teenage years. From the age of 16 to 19, he was relying on 400 milligrams of oxycodone to get him through life. After three years of an agonizing addiction, Michael freed himself from the lethal hold of drugs and started rebuilding his life.

After regaining mind clarity and building an empire, the young entrepreneur, enticed by the pleasures of a wealthy life, started indulging in prosperity. From buying shiny, expensive cars, traveling the world, and acting like a typical mid-20s man filled with lust, Michael’s behavior was far from admirable. It wasn’t until he met his wife, Angelika, an Eastern European beauty and the woman of his dreams, that Michael settled down at last.

For Angelika Ciullo, Finding Faith is not her first podcast experience. After experiencing personality clashes and daily bickering in her relationship with Michael, Angelika began educating herself and learning about the dynamics of femininity and masculinity. The newly obtained knowledge transformed Michael and Angelika’s relationship exponentially, enabling the passionate couple to understand each other more profoundly. Astonished with the peaceful and happy life Angelika created, she started sharing snippets and insightful quotes from the books she read on Instagram. “All her followers said ‘Start a podcast!’ and she did exactly that,” adds Michael.

The Bring Back Femininity podcast, helping women bring back their feminine essence into relationships, workplaces, and other parts of life, rapidly gained tens of thousands of followers. Eventually, Michael would join Angelika in her episodes, offering insights into the topic from a male perspective.

After the success of Bring Back Femininity, prompted by their newfound love and appreciation for God, Michael and Angelika started the Finding Faith podcast. Michael and Angelica rediscovered the magic of religion nearly 18 months ago; while going through a rough patch, Michael’s behavior took a toll on his relationship. Running out of options and desperate to save his once thriving marriage, he suggested making God part of their life, going to church, praying, and intentionally believing.

“I was brought up Catholic, Angelika Jewish, but we didn’t really grow up religious. None of our families were practicing, God’s name wasn’t in the house, and I’d go to church once every month just to check off that box,” adds Michael. “Similarly to me, Angelika also had quite a rebellious childhood. After finding God and making Him a part of our lives, for the first time, we felt this immense sense of peace.”

Suddenly, most problems the couple faced seemed trivial, and peace and bliss lurked back into their house, now filled with daily Bible readings and comforting worship music. Visibly happy and satisfied, Angelika and Michael started receiving questions from other couples looking for advice on how to transform their hearts. “When we realized every advice we gave included God, we decided to start a podcast about faith,” adds Michael.

The Finding Faith podcast is about Michael and Angelika’s journey from being lost and confused nonbelievers to practicing faith and feeling true joy. Unlike many other religious podcasts and talk shows, the couple created a space devoid of preaching. To enhance the sense of relatability, Michael and Angelika plan on inviting guests with similar experiences who can share their journeys to finding God.

“When I look at where I was just 10 years ago, I can’t believe the change that happened on the outside and from within. Lost, confused, angry, and addicted to drugs, I would’ve never thought I’d reach a point where I could genuinely say I’m successful. Not just financially, but also physically and spiritually,” shares Michael. “Faith played a vital part in my growth and provided me with everything I had been so desperately wanting for so many years. It made me a better leader, a better boss, a better husband, and a better person. Now, I can handle anger and negativity with ease, attend meetings in a good mood, and feel completely revived. I hope with the podcast, me and Angelika can motivate more people to reshape their lives.”

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