Richard Chang

Jasper Johns

The Broad's Jasper Johns Exhibit Is a Must-See Survey

"Jasper Johns: 'Something Resembling Truth' " is a huge exhibition, featuring more than 120 works from the past seven decades of Johns' career. It brings together paintings, prints, sculptures and drawings from the country's most prestigious museums, as well as international institutions, private collections and the artist's own stash....
Credit: Courtesy Sam McManis

Exploring the Weird and Unexpected in the Golden State

A hell of a lot has already been written about California, but journalist and former Sacramento Bee feature writer Sam McManis is expanding the canon with a new book (out Feb. 1) documenting his crazy travels and quirky encounters here in the Golden State....
Carlos Almaraz

2017's Best and Most Notable Art Exhibitions and Events

Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA was the movement that couldn't be missed. Nearly every major art institution in Los Angeles — and quite a few in Orange County, Santa Barbara, San Diego and other SoCal spots — had some sort of PST: LA/LA thing going on. The extensive, well-funded — it was sponsored by the Getty Foundation — initiative exploring Latino and Latin American art seemed particularly appropriate, given the ongoing political debates about immigration, diversity, language and "America first."...
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