Rachel Roderman

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The Oscars (Who Live in Your Neighborhood)

As a native East Coaster, it's easy to claim that you miss the seasons as you enjoy your forever tan and non-water-damaged Uggs here in Los Angeles. While it may not snow, it barely rains, flowers bloom all year, and people wear parkas when encountering weather around 50 degrees, L.A......
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5 Awesome Kickstarter Projects in L.A. Right Now

So far, no signs of the apocalypse for the startup-company-for-startups kickstarter.com, a website successfully proving that frugal, unemployed Americans do care about things enough to donate a dollar to a dreamer. February brought about two million-dollar projects that amazingly surpassed their fundraising goals, and of course about a million projects......
Credit: Rachel Roderman

5 Least Romantic Valentine's Day Dates in L.A.

Caught in a bad romance? So bad that you can't even bear to think about chocolate or candlelight with your partner? Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of the five least romantic Valentine's Day dates in Los Angeles you'll go gaga over......
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