So far, no signs of the apocalypse for the startup-company-for-startups, a website successfully proving that frugal, unemployed Americans do care about things enough to donate a dollar to a dreamer.

February brought about two million-dollar projects that amazingly surpassed their fundraising goals, and of course about a million projects that weren't worth two dollars.

Surfing though the ideas of its hopefuls, we found a few Los Angeles-based, Los Angeles-bettered projects worth looking into your Google wallet for, in no particular order:

5. The Project: Gastronome Gallery

What this project will do for L.A.: The Gastronome Gallery is a dream that might make even the mouth of Susan Feniger water. Bringing foodies, food and fun into the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles as a place to eat, cook, take classes, debate, and indulge, this “culinary lab and hub” would be opening our palates to the flavor of food while also opening our eyes to the ever-developing downtown. Fund this project by March 21.

4. The Project: Giving voice to immigrant cultures

What this project will do for L.A.: I have no idea if Nova Safo, founder and director of the musical movement L.A. Tapestries, is a Tupac fan, but he wants you to let him serenade the streets of L.A. The LA Tapestries project presents free concerts dedicated to all of the cultures living in Los Angeles. Finally, a great way to experience culturally authentic music and pay tribute to our neighbors with more than just “Little [Insert Country]” signs around town. Fund this project by Wednesday, Feb. 22, at 1:10 a.m. PST (that's tonight).

3. The Project: L.A. Podcast Festival

What this project will do for L.A.: Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini are attempting to bring what they say is the first podcast festival to the beautiful beaches of Santa Monica this October. This three-day extravaganza will bring together some of the funniest podcast broadcasters and culminate in a huge comedy performance. The first year of the festival will concentrate mostly on comedy, with the intention to extend into every genre of computer radio goodness. Fund this project by March 2.

2. The Project: Comprehensive Guide to Cliff Jumping

What this project will do for L.A.: Jeff Edwards may be a little crazy. And I don't just mean because he hasn't shaved his chest sweater, well, ever. He cliff jumps all over Los Angeles County and Southern California, plummeting to his watery fate, and he wants you to come along by helping to fund his book. Five percent of sales, once it's published, will go to Save Our State Parks, “to help preserve California State Parks for generations of cliff jumpers to come.” Fund this project by March 16.

1. The Project: You Are Listening to Los Angeles

What this project will do for L.A: Have you ever turned on Friday Night Lights in one room and NCIS: L.A. in another and listened to the clash of sounds? This is essentially what you hear when you visit the website You Are Listening to Los Angeles. Oakland resident Eric Eberhardt creates sites for cities across the U.S. combining beautiful ambient music with urban police radio activity, transporting your ears to an eerie place. Fund this project by March 1.

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