Katie Robbins

Papaya King slawdog and papaya juice; Credit: K. Robbins

Papaya King Begins Official Reign in Hollywood

After a sausage tease last week, Papaya King, the popular New York hot dog and tropical juice chain finally lifted the draw bridge on its first West Coast outpost at 1645 Wilcox, just south of Hollywood this morning. New York transplants already loyal to the King are familiar with the......
Credit: Flickr/digitaldefection

Waiting for Hollywood's Papaya King

It may feel like New York in Los Angeles today, but for hot dog and tropical fruit juice fans, it sadly doesn't taste like it. Not quite yet. The opening of the first West Coast branch of New York hot dog institution Papaya King, which had reportedly been slated for......
Beer plus salad equals love; Credit: Flickr/ruben i/SliceOfChic

Salads and Suds at Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop

When you think about it, salads and beer actually have a lot in common - both are made from plants; both can be described as "tastes great, less filling"; and both make you feel good when you consume them (albeit in different ways.) Despite these sweeping similarities, we were still......
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