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Bobbi Jene is a new Scandinavian documentary directed by Elvira Lind

Bobbi Jene Places the Life of a Great Dancer Before Her Art

Bobbi Jene, a new Scandinavian documentary, explores a couple of years in the life of an Iowa-born modern dancer who builds a career in Israel before confronting the work/life conflicts that hamstring so many women. Despite, or perhaps because of, her conventional Midwestern upbringing, she takes pleasure in being nude,......
Credit: IFC Films

Dancer Ogles and Celebrates Sergei Polunin, the Bad Boy of Ballet

Prodigies flame out; it happens all the time. But the tale of Sergei Polunin, a young Ukrainian ballet dancer whose family hitched its wagon to his star, is a particularly sad one. Steven Cantor’s doc Dancer illuminates Polunin’s celebrity before it reveals his artistry; much of the film is a......
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