In their latest piece for the Village Voice, writer Elizabeth Zimmer reviews Last Gasp: A Recalibration, the latest work from Split Britches. Who are Split Britches? As Zimmer describes them, a team of aging lesbians who’ve been making and showing theatrical pieces, together and separately, for more than 40 years. This team, also known as Lois Weaver (73) and Peggy Shaw (78), took the time to chat with Zimmer in an interview that is surely to interest.

“Weaver, a white woman originally from Roanoke, Virginia, finds herself grappling with recent crises in race relations, particularly the murder of George Floyd, and with the earth’s fragile ecology,” writes Zimmer. “‘Fifty-thousand bumblebees died all at once on one day in Oregon,’ she tells us live from the stage, while costumed rather like a bumblebee in a yellow rain jacket over a black dress with tall yellow rainboots on her previously bare feet. ‘They couldn’t recalibrate,” she says thoughtfully.’”

Read more on the Village Voice here.

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