Dave Parkman

Linkin Park got heart

Wanna Go to a Secret Linkin Park Show in L.A.?

Want to make someone else buy you a ticket to a secret Linkin Park show, and feel good about doing it? If you raise at least $500 for Japan Tsunami Relief, you'll be invited with a guest to a private Linkin Park concert in a "small, intimate venue" in the......

Today in WTF: Courtney Love Dating Kurt Cobain Impersonator?

Our worthy colleagues at OC Weekly dug up some blurry phone pics that show Courtney Love canoodling (yup, canoodling) with hottie actor Michael Pitt (Funny Games, The Dreamers, and that one Love & Order about that sexy psycho teen). What makes the canoodling a little odd is that Pitt played......

Chinese Authorities Crack Down on Hipsters at Beijing University, Try to "Counsel" Them Out of Hipsterism

The Guardian reports that Peking University in Beijing, China, "has announced plans to screen all students and identify those with 'radical thoughts' or 'independent lifestyles'": Administrators at Peking University say their focus is on helping those with academic problems. But the institution's announcement identifies nine other categories of "target students"......
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