The Guardian reports that Peking University in Beijing, China, “has announced plans to screen all students and identify those with 'radical thoughts' or 'independent lifestyles'”:

Administrators at Peking University say their focus is on helping those with academic problems. But the institution's announcement identifies nine other categories of “target students” – including people with internet addiction, psychological fragility, illness and poverty, plus those prone to radical thinking and independent or “eccentric” lifestyles.

In other words: HIPSTERS!

China, like everywhere else worldwide, is home to thousands of hipsters, which they call 'Chao Ren', '潮人.' And now the government and school authorities have decided to reeducate them.

Wanna learn more about the Silver-Lakish Chao Ren tribe and the Chinese government's not-very-amusing campaign of reeducation?:

Graph courtesy of a really, really good essay called “Anatomy of 'Chao Ren' ('Hipsters')” by Lisa Li. You should read the whole thing here.

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