LA Weekly wrote about UK dubstep genius Rusko a year ago, when he announced his relocation to the fair City of Angels. Back then he told our contributor Drew Tewksbury that he was on an evangelical trip for his UK genre:

“I'm here to get dubstep into more people's

conscious,” he says, toning down the hyperactive delivery of the self-professed sugar-rush

addict. “In the U.K., you can hear it in the

afternoon, but here you can't just turn on the

radio and hear dubstep.”

Music journos have buzzed about dubstep

for years but the bass-heavy, fist-pumping

dance anthems have yet to break into the

American mainstream. “Lots of people say

they've heard dubstep, but they haven'theard

dubstep,” Mercer says.

Well, it seems Rusko has now decided to start Phase II of his campaign of post-dubstep dissemination by producing the Most Disturbing Cat Music Video Ever. Aided by footage from Japanese uber-cultish horror flick Hausu, his creative team has put together a clip for “Lick the Lizard” (b-side to the “Everyday” single, out next Tuesday, April 5th on Mad Decent) that replicates the effects of certain mind-enhancing substances.

Wanna watch the freaky kittehs? (Warning: epileptics or people who get bum trips on LSD, proceed with caution):

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