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Credit: Clarissa Wei

Best Night Hike

Skip the crowded vistas at Griffith Park and opt for something a bit more secluded in Altadena. The hike up to Echo Mountain is a moderate, 5.8-mile round-trip climb with a 1,503-foot elevation gain. It's a brilliant trek at night because once you get on the actual trail, it's nearly......
Credit: Clarissa Wei

Best Scuba Dive Site

Shore dives are a pain. You have to walk into the surf, battle the waves and crawl your way out. A better option is to head to Catalina. Diving the island's Casino Point is remarkably easy: A convenient set of stairs will lead you down to the kelp forest below,......
Credit: Clarissa Wei

Best Food Truck Experience

Three Filipino aunties serve offal and meat on sticks, pre-marinated so you can cook it yourself on the makeshift grills that are set up right next to the truck. It's a festive affair, with bright lights and popping Top 40 blasting out of the speakers. True to its name, Dollar......
Credit: Clarissa Wei

Best Caribbean Food

Stuart Eubanks is behind this oddly named, innovative Caribbean food stand, which doles out flatbread sandwiches known as Trinidadian doubles (stuffed with the likes of curried chickpeas) and goat curry with sweet plantains. There are vegan options, too. Eubanks is a classically trained chef who's worked for Roy Choi and......
Credit: Clarissa Wei

Best Hot Pot

Hot pot is, well, hot in Los Angeles — in part because of how convenient and healthy it is. It's a DIY affair, where patrons boil their own ingredients in a pot tableside. Mokkoji, with locations in Arcadia and Irvine, sets itself apart from the crowd with its high-quality selection......
Credit: Jim Thurman

Best Traditional Sichuan

Chengdu Taste altered the Chinese food scene in Los Angeles by making Sichuan food hip. Shortly after it opened in 2013, a slew of copycats sprang up around town in an attempt to capitalize on Taste's popularity — as did two additional Chengdu Tastes, in Rosemead (2014) and Rowland Heights......
Credit: Clarissa Wei

Best Chinese Hole-In-The-Wall

With its massive green-onion pancakes and one of the best versions of Taiwanese beef noodle soup in town, Ahgoo Kitchen is easy to adore. Chef Thomas Yeh has been cooking since he was 16 years old, and there's a lot of love that goes into the fare. His menu is......
Oyster vermicelli at Cafe Fusion; Credit: Clarissa Wei

10 Best Taiwanese Restaurants In Los Angeles

Honest talk: On paper, Taiwanese food doesn’t sound all that appetizing. It’s droopy oyster pancakes blanketed with chile sauce, hardened sweet sausages served with thin slices of raw garlic and blocks of fried tofu that smell like dirty feet. But if you make the effort, there will be rewards. You’ll......
Pork buns; Credit: Clarissa Wei

What's It Like Inside a Dim Sum Factory?

Down a small gravel path in El Monte, there's large white building guarded by a large black gate. Inside is a dim sum factory, churning out 2000 pieces of shumai and 1500 chunks of pork steamed buns an hour.  This is the home of CB Foods Inc., an Asian food manufacturing......
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