From Harvard to Holistic Beauty: Skin Centrick’s CEO Redefines Skincare Standards

05232024 Chithra Kannan

Photo Credit: Chithra Kannan

The beauty and skincare market is far more cutthroat than many realize, making Chithra Kannan’s path particularly impressive. With an academic background in Business Analytics from Harvard Business School, the executive leader pivoted to follow her true passion—steering a beauty enterprise called Skin Centrick.

From academia to the world of holistic beauty, Chithra’s journey is driven by a vision to combine skincare efficacy with environmental and ethical consciousness.

Crafting a Vision from Personal Discovery

Chithra Kannan‘s venture into the skincare industry stemmed from personal necessity, rather than merely the ambition to establish a beauty enterprise. Discovering detrimental substances in her everyday skincare products, Chithra was motivated to initiate change. This discovery propelled her to develop skincare solutions that are both safer and more efficacious, enabling individuals to feel their best and exude confidence in their natural skin, sans makeup. Kannan’s dedication to quality and safety has swiftly earned her brand acclaim for its trustworthy products.

I was shocked to discover many of the ingredients in my daily products were unsafe,” Chithra says. This led her to deep research and eventually to founding Skin Centrick, a brand that prides itself on safe and effective formulations that harmonize with nature.

Chithra’s  naturalistic approach profoundly influences her personal life. As a dedicated trail runner, she discovers her most innovative ideas in the wilderness, a lesson instilled in her since childhood, shaping her business philosophy. “Being surrounded by nature always provides me with clarity,” Chithra  Kannan reveals. Her bond with the natural world is reflected in Skin Centrick’s product range, featuring items like turmeric cleanser, turmeric serum, turmeric oil, rose oil, and more, all derived from natural and organic sources.

Leading Development at Skin Centrick

Skin Centrick distinguishes itself through its natural and organic ingredients, ensuring they are clear of harmful chemicals. “I want to revolutionize skincare by focusing on safety and effectiveness. We shouldn’t have to risk skin cancer, allergic rhinitis, or eczema just to feel beautiful,” Chithra  asserts.

The company’s success also stems from its consumer education and empowerment initiatives. The company shares valuable skincare knowledge through social media platforms, helping consumers make informed choices.Chithra ensured this educational aspect was incorporated into Skin Centrick’s business model.

Expanding Horizons and Future Aspirations

Since its inception in 2023, Skin Centrick has achieved impressive growth, amassing over 175,000 followers on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. In the latter, Skin Centrick has become a phenomenon within the skincare social media community known as “SkinTok.” The brand’s product range has also attracted attention from major retailers.

With such success, Chithra feels pride at how far she has come, and she knows that Skin Centrick still has a long way to go. “I believe Skin Centrick will set the new standard for skincare products. We’re only getting started,” Chithra says.

From Harvard to Skin Centrick, Chithra’s vision for a holistic, safe, and effective skincare industry seems less a pipedream and more a coming reality. As the new generation becomes more product-conscious and aware of conventional products’ dangers, Chithra Kannan will emerge as an expert before her time.

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