Arthouses and repertory theaters can be forgiven a degree of shabby-chicness, but we should be able to see our mass-market fare in as nice a setting as possible. AMC Marina Marketplace 6 doesn't fill that role through any gimmick. It is, quite simply, a nice, exceedingly normal theater in a time when that has become something of a rarity. Luxury moviegoing is the wave of the future, and Marina Marketplace has the plush, assigned seating to stay on trend. Just as important, it also boasts a down-home neighborhood vibe that you wouldn't expect anywhere on the Westside. It combines the comfort of your childhood multiplex with the amenities of today, making it feel comfortable and even homey without resorting to artificiality. There are always enough people there for you to feel part of a communal experience, but rarely so many that you get lost in the crowd. Plus, where else can you park right outside the front door for free?

LA Weekly